Ill. MySpace gang rapists sentenced


2 plead guilty in Stickney rape of girl, 14:

This past January 20-year-old Jonathan Leanos of Stickney, Illinois raped a 14-year-old girl that he met on MySpace. Not only that but he also recorded the rape on his cellphone. Still, he wasn’t done there.

He then had three friends, 23-year-old Vincente Hernandez, 19-year-old Majeed Khalifeh and 16-year-old Alex Picallo, allegedly rape the girl while again, it was recorded. To top it all off Leanos raped her once more.

Let’s dissect this for a moment. Rape is one of the worst crimes that can be perpetrated on a woman. Now imagine it happening to a 14-year-old girl, not once but repeatedly in one night. Then think about the fact that the rapes were recorded as if it were just another party video. You would think that with such a heinous crime the group would be thrown in jail with the proverbial throwing away of the key but you’d be wrong.

Khalifeh pleaded guilty in October and got six years in jail, ten years of probation and has to register as a sex offender. This past Friday Leanos and Picallo pleaded guilty. Picallo got six years in prison and Leanos got nine. Both of them also got 10 years probation and have to be added to the registry. As usual those sentences are a joke. They’ll be out in plenty of time and as I’ve shown many times before the sex offender registry is really no deterrent to offending again.

Hernandez’s case is still pending.

Is this justice? Hardly. They’ll come out with the knowledge that they’ll gain in prison with an even tougher street cred for having been inside. The victim will have to live with this all her life why shouldn’t these lowlife rapists have to do the same?

UPDATE 5/13/2012: Hernandez finally pleaded guilty and was sentenced to only five years in prison and 10 years on the registry. Another joke of a sentence.