Pulled on the infant’s leg until he heard a popping noise

Manual A. Lopez

Manual A. Lopez

Manual Lopez, (Trench’s note: as opposed to an Automatic Lopez) age 20, is charged with felony aggravated battery to a child. He has a $100,000 bond. This fuckface here was tired of hearing his 4 month old baby cry so he decided to pull on the baby’s legs “until he heard a popping noise in the knee”. What the fuck???

The baby was taken to the hospital and the hospital called police. When the police questioned fuckface he said he got frustrated and used force to pull the baby’s leg till the knee popped. Well, I’m a little frustrated right now and I want to use force to pull on fuckface’s knee, ankle, arm, elbow, etc. Where in the hell are these stupid people bred from? Naturally this did not silence the baby, it just made him cry harder. So fuckface grabbed the baby’s ankle and twisted it until he herd another popping noise. He said he used this as a form of discipline at least 4 different times in the last month.

The baby has sustained acute and sub-acute right distal tibial, right distal femoral, and left distal tibial corner fractures.

Mom and Dad are now being investigated for neglect and abuse and the baby has been placed with relatives.

I don’t know where mom was but I hope this son of a bitch goes to jail and every inmate there takes turns pulling and twisting with force every single thing on his body!! I HATE a damn child abuser in every shape and form!



***Thanks to April for the tip and Leslie for the write up***