Florida man charged with turning out 16-year-old on Backpage

Florida man charged with turning out 16-year-old on Backpage

Marco Vinicio Orrego

(Story broke 5/18/2017)

31-year-old Marco Vinicio Orrego of Boynton Beach, Florida, is facing federal charges of allegedly prostituting a 16-year-old girl on Backpage. Orrego is said to have met the underage runaway on Backpage before turning her out himself. He’s also accused of raping the girl, taking pictures of the rape, and sending the pictures to others. The alleged pimp also kept all the money he made off of the victim to himself. At last check, Orrego was being held on over $500,000 bond.

Again, Backpage is more concerned with protecting their free speech (read cash flow) than the safety of underage girls who are continually turned out on their site to be repeatedly raped by pimps and paying rapists.

Palm Beach Post
Palm Beach Post

UPDATE 11/5/2017: After pleading guilty to the charges against him, Orrego was sentenced to 20 years behind bars.