Girl set on fire during voodoo ritual

Prosecutors: Queens mom Marie Lauradin performed voodoo fire ritual that left daughter, 6, scarred:

29-year-old Marie Lauradin and 70-year-old Sylvenie Thessier of Queens, New York have been arrested for setting Lauradin’s daughter in fire with rum during a voodoo ritual. The ritual was supposed to drive the evil spirits out of 6-year-old Frantzcia Saintil.

If that wasn’t bad enough they gave the girl a bath which must have caused her even more pain and then they waited a day before taking the girl to a hospital.

Lauradin at first claimed that she didn’t even know her daughter had burns until they got to the hospital. She also tried claiming that the girl was scalded in an accident. Again, the hospital knows more than you. Also Frantzcia ratted out her mother and grandmother herself.

Mom is looking at 25 years, grandma is looking at 7.

Thanks to Layla and Krissy for the tip.