Boise couple arrested for kid in crap house

Boise couple arrested after child found in cold, feces-covered home:

Ok, look people. I’m not expecting everyone to have a house so clean it would make June Cleaver jealous. But is it so much to ask to pick up the crap off the floor? And I literally mean crap.

It seems it was too much to ask for 24-year-olds Marijean K. Stewart, and Zachary J. Smith of Boise, Idaho. They were both charged with felony injury to a child after finding Stewart’s 3-year-old son sleeping in a bedroom that was 50 degrees in only a diaper that wasn’t what you would call dry. The only heat in their home was from an open oven. Yeah, that’s real safe when you have kids around. And the kid was sleeping near a pile of crap that did not belong to an animal. Well, that depends on your definition of animal. According to police that was not the only pile of crap in the house. And again, that depends on your definition of ‘pile of crap’.

The 3-year-old was placed in the custody of the state Health & Welfare Dept. At least he’ll have a warm place to sleep.

Thanks to Mallory for the tip.