Suspect arrested in Florida murder of teen, says deal was for weed not Playstation

Ed Lamarre

(Story broke 6/21/2017)

20-year-old Ed Lamarre, of Miami, has been arrested and charged with second-degree murder in the supposed craigslist killing of 19-year-old Brian Brown in North Miami Beach. Previously it was thought Brown was selling a Playstation on craigslist when he was killed. Now, reports are saying the deal was actually for marijuana.

Police say in their arrest report Lamarre got in the back of Brown’s car and was handed a bag containing some weed. Instead of paying for it, it’s alleged Lamarre shot Brown in the back and fled. Lamarre was captured because he left his phone behind and was picked out by Brown’s girlfriend in a photo line up.

Brown’s family is maintaining Brian was not a drug dealer, however, police are saying craigslist was not part of his murder.

Lamarre is said to have confessed to the murder.

Even if Brian Brown was selling weed to Lamarre, his life was still cut short by a lazy and greedy asshole. Lamarre was even said to have had no intention of paying Brown for the weed. So instead he shot Brown in the back over a half-ounce of weed after Brown allegedly tried to take it back. Lamarre allegedly killed Brian Brown just because he didn’t want to pay to get high, and now a man who had a potentially bright future is dead. To me that makes Lamarre one of the lowest forms of criminal.

Craigslist drug deal leads to two dead and two arrested

Craigslist drug deal leads to two dead and two arrested

Late Friday night, Michigan State Police found the bodies of Joseph Michael Carson, 31, and Anthony Lee Hammond, 39,both of Flint, Michigan. Both men had been shot to death in the parking lot of a Wal-Mart in Owosso, Michigan. The two men were there to sell weed to two brothers from Grand Rapids that they had met through craigslist.

Instead, the two Grand Rapid brothers had allegedly intended on robbing the pair and shot them. The two brothers, ages 31 and 23, have been arrested, but as of yet their names have not yet been released.

In case you were wondering, even in states where recreational marijuana is legal it’s still illegal to sell it online. In either case Michigan is not one of those states. If you sell anything on craigslist you’re taking your life in your hands, but if you’re selling something illegal those chances increase dramatically. I’m not saying that these men deserved to die, but there is obviously no honor among criminals.

UPDATE 2/3/2017: The suspects have been named as 31-year-old Otis Smith and 23-year-old Anthony Holloway, and both being held without bond.

UPDATE 12/11/2017: Both Smith and Holloway were convicted of murder back in October. Smith was just recently sentenced to life without parole. Holloway is scheduled to be sentenced later this week.

Foster Breeder makes kids drink bleach to mask weed

Foster teen says she drank bleach to mask cannabis:

We’re all familiar with bleach right? The stuff that makes your clothes white even if they weren’t white before. The stuff that when mixed with ammonia makes chlorine gas. (Don’t ever mix those two.) Lastly and most importantly the stuff YOU’RE NOT SUPPOSED TO DRINK. Are we this dumb as a society that there are people out there that really think it’s ok to drink bleach let alone give it to their kids.

Apparently there is as we go to Bunker Hill, Kansas, where Pam Pertl is accused of making her foster kids drink milk that was laced with bleach. I guess it’s ok since wholesome milk was involved. Anyway, why did Ms. Pertl allegedly give the teens bleach and milk to drink. Why to mask their drug test results since she was allegedly smoking weed with her foster teens. Guess what, it didn’t work as they all failed the drug test.

I’ve been around enough burnouts to imagine how this happened. “Dude, this one guy told me that of you drink bleach you can pass a drug test. We should so try that.”

Talk about how harmless weed is all you want it’s still a crime in 48 states. Deal with it.

Here’s what to do in case someone were to drink bleach.

Thanks to Denise for the tip.

Weed vaping and how it's bad for nicotine vapers

How do these marijuana vaporizers look different from nicotine vaporizers? They don't.

How do these marijuana vaporizers look different from nicotine vaporizers? They don’t.

I guess it’s only fitting that I’m posting this on 4/20. Now look, before we get started I’m not here to discuss the merits or drawbacks of marijuana vaping. I’m here to discuss how it affects nicotine vapers. The answer I’m afraid is not good. Now I’m not talking about health effects, I’m talking about more societal effects.

If marijuana vaping, or more accurately hash oil vaping catches on more you can see the anti-vaping crowd using this as another weapon against vaping in general. It doesn’t matter that one vaporizer can’t be used in place of the other, the fear mongers will use this as ammunition against the rest of us. I can even see more police actions against regular vapers as well even in states like Colorado and Washington. I’m going to assume that even in those states you can’t get high behind the wheel. Police are going to see someone using a vaporizer in their car are on the street and that person is going to get stopped and it’s going to be hard for anyone to distinguish between the two kinds of vaporizers. This may lead to many false arrests and clog the courts even more.

At this point I’m even likely to abandon my long-held stance against the legalization of weed. (Hey, I am a crime blogger after all.) I’d rather see the hash oil be produced from legal vendors who produce a quality product than in basements and kitchens like meth dealers.

Bad tweaker boyfriend didn’t Tickle this baby

Tickle and Schlund

Baby allegedly shaken: Pair faces charges:

22-year-old Trey Tickle of Kearney, Nebraska has been charged with felony child abuse for allegedly injuring his girlfriend’s infant daughter. After being airlifted to Omaha it was determined by doctors that the baby had head injuries consistent with shaken baby syndrome. Tickle’s story? The baby fell. Shocker right? Tickle allegedly claimed that the baby fell from her swing while he was vacuuming. Again another moron that thinks he knows more than doctors and professorial investigators. But wait there’s more.

The baby also tested positive not for just being in the presence of meth but also had previously ingested meth. The girl’s older brother (1 1/2 years) also tested positive for meth and weed.

In a shocking turn of events, shocking for this site anyway, the Breeder has actually been charged too. 21-year-old egg-donor Brittany Schlund has been charged with two counts of felony child abuse for putting her kids in a dangerous situation. Very rarely do we hear of the Breeder being charged as well so kudos to the prosecutors on this one.

Both kids have been placed in the custody of DHS. No word on how the injuries will affect the girl later in life. Hopefully she’ll live a fuller life than either of these two.

Thanks to Carlotta for the tip.

Burnout Breeder tries to get daughter high for the ‘experience’.

John B. Pierce

JPD: Dad wanted young daughter to “experience” marijuana:

38-year-old John B. Pierce of Jonesboro, Arkansas was recently arrested for allegedly trying to get his daughter high. I wasn’t able to find out the daughter’s actual age but the article called her ‘young’ so take that as you will.

Police were called to the home on a report that Pierce was trying to get his daughter high. While police were questioning Pierce not only did he pull out a bag containing multiple boxes of rolling papers but police say they found two pill bottles filled with weed in his pockets. Hiding weed in pill bottles? That’s brilliant. No one has ever thought of that before. Oh wait, except for every stoner ever. I bet he hides his joints in cigarette packs too.

Speaking of joints police say that Pierce’s daughter, the one he was trying to get high, turned over two joints to police.

In his defense Pierce said “I was trying to experience my daughter.” There’s no way that sentence can be uttered that makes everything ok. I think this low life was just looking for smoking buddy and his daughter was the nearest person available. If by experience he meant he wanted his daughter to experience how most drug addicts get started then it was almost mission accomplished. It’s a good thing that this girl had a much better head on her shoulders than her uni-brain celled Breeder.

With the recent resolutions passed in Oregon and Colorado I expect to see a lot more of these types of stories.

Thanks to Susan for the tip.

Camden dusthead slits the throats of two children


Oswaldo Rivera

Suspect arrested in Camden double stabbing; 1 child dead, 1 critically injured:

Osvaldo Rivera on $5M bail; possible rape, murder charges in Camden attack on boy, 6, and girl, 12:

As I’ve mentioned before I spent most of 2011 in South Jersey on family business. While I was there I was a short drive away from the crime-infested suckhole that is Camden, New Jersey. During that time I wrote a lot about Camden and its ineffective government and its not so slow descent into hell.

Since I came back to North Carolina I haven’t really paid too much attention to Camden unless it somehow made national news. It did not too long ago with a Camden woman who killed her son and killed herself. I let that one slide because I thought it was just a fluke that it made the headlines. Then this week a similar story also made national headlines which made me rethink my Camden writing policies. So from now on, I will be keeping a sharper eye on the Disaster on the Delaware.

Today’s story is just more evidence that Camden needs to be put out of its misery.

31-year-old Osvaldo Rivera has been charged in the brutal murder of 6-year-old Dominick Andujar and the attack and possible rape on Dominick’s 12-year-old sister. It seems that Rivera was high on weed laced with PCP and decided to burst into a random house. The house he chose not only had Dominick and his sister in it bust also a 9-year-old girl and a 14-year-old girl who was watching them. Dominick and his sister’s mother was in the hospital recovering from surgery and their father lives out of state.

Rivera allegedly slit Dominick’s throat then attacked his sister slitting her throat, stabbing her and possibly raping her. In what order that was done I don’t know. The girl survived her attack and managed to escape to a neighbor’s home. Dominick was not so lucky. The girl was able to identify Rivera as the attacker by using the name “Poppy”. Rivera’s street name is “Popeye”. I guess we know what he considers his Spinach.

Police caught up with Rivera at a place he sometimes stays between a mattress and a wall. You know, the first place a cop would think to look. Police were also able to match the bloody sneakers Rivera had to bloody footprints at the scene.

Now because of this and the aforementioned murder-suicide, Camden seems to think it has a PCP problem on its hands since the mother was supposedly high on PCP as well. They do, I won’t dispute that. The problem is what are they going to do about it? They have a skeleton crew of a police force due to layoffs and the new proposed Camden County Metro Department isn’t going to be much better.

No wonder the city is invincible, the city is in the control of criminals, the criminals are on PCP and the cops can’t do anything about it.

UPDATE 12/7/2014: This past week Rivera was sentenced to 110 years behind bars for the brutal murder of Dominick Andujar and the rape of Dominick’s then 12-year-old sister.

My hope is that Rivera spends every day of the rest of his unnatural life in the same kind of pain and fear he inflicted on his victims before he’s taken to hell.

Teens pimped out for weed on Backpage

Baymon and Barnes

Baymon and Barnes

St. Paul men accused of prostituting 2 teen girls:

25-year-old Giorgio J. Baymon and 24-year-old Brandon D. Barnes, both of St. Paul, were arrested for allegedly pimping out two underage girls in nearby Eagan, Minnesota on the Village Voice Media owned

The pair allegedly picked up a 17-year-old girl from her high school and took her to an Eagan motel with a 15-year-old runaway. There they met with some johns from Backpage. Friends of the enterprising pimps were allowed to trade weed for use of the girls. So these girls are someone’s daughters who are being violated in exchange for some blunts.

This is what our society has been reduced to, selling children into sex for drugs while so-called defenders of freedom say that this is a free speech issue for VVM. As I’ve said before the 13th Amendment shouldn’t be sacrificed for the First.

UPDATE 10/14/12: Baymon has pleaded guilty and is looking at 14 years. Once again not enough time for a slave trader.

UPDATE 4/26/2013: Barnes was sentenced to 10 years today and Baymon was sentenced to 14 back in January.

Craigslist drugs for sex sting leads to seized guns. Wait, what?


Craigslist drugs-for-sex sting nets Lehigh Valley man, police say:

Craigslist sex-for-drugs sting leads to 3 arrests, gun seizures:

In Pennsylvania the Monroe County Drug Task Force placed an ad on craigslist posing as a woman new to the area looking to buy weed. According to police it only took a few minutes before people were offering to provide weed to the fictitious woman. Before we continue this is not entrapment so shove that idea right now.

Anyway they arrested three men in the sting. In no particular order we first have 19-year-old Alec Jeffrey Nemeth. He allegedly agreed to provide the woman with weed in exchange for sex. Still illegal by the way. Police say he showed up with weed, paraphernalia, and condoms. I imagine it was a boner killer when he was met by police instead.

Next up we have 39-year-old Igor Voloshin. When he showed up to meet the woman he said he was there to ‘share’ his weed with his new-found romance. He allegedly also thought he was getting booty for weed. Voloshin was allegedly caught with weed, a grinder (not the sandwich) and a loaded .40 caliber handgun. I thought stoners were a huge brotherly community with no penchant for violence. If you think I’m just focusing on one guy with a gun guess again.

It seems the task force hit the jackpot (no pun intended) when they arrested 49-year-old Albert E. Gomez. Gomez allegedly told police that he was there to trade either weed or cash with the woman in exchange for a mouth hug. When Gomez’s vehicle was searched police supposedly found weed, rolling papers, condoms, brass knuckles and an ax handle. But wait, there’s more. When police searched his house reports say that they found a large growing operation and 17 guns. Maybe he was just trying to collect enough guns for a 21 gun salute for the next 4/20.

Craigslist is obviously the short bus for drug dealers.

You can save your ‘legalize it’ arguments too. The gangs, cartels and other criminals aren’t going to willingly give up their profits without a fight.

Facebook predator gives girls weed and booze before raping one of them


Facebook ‘friend’ accused of sex assault:

Again with ‘sex assault’ and not rape, but I digress.

25-year-old David Atia-Osorio of Trumbull, Connecticut has been arrested for allegedly raping a 17-year-old girl that he met on Facebook.

Using the alias ‘David Escobar’ he promised the girl weed and booze if he’d meet her at a Dunkin’ Donuts. The girl decided to being a friend who was 15-years-old. After the pair met ‘Escobar’ they went back to his place to partake in his promised contraband.

The 15-year-old eventually passes out and when she comes to she sees him ‘forcibly having sex with her friend’ as the article calls it. Real people who aren’t bound by the AP style book would call that rape. The 15-year-old screams and Atia-Osorio stops what he’s doing and drops the girls off at a local store.

It took police over a year to finally catch him simply because he used a fake name and the girls could not identify where he lived. Police say that Atia-Osorio admitted getting the drunk and high and having sex with the 17-year-old but denied raping her. Maybe this assclown thinks that date rape isn’t like rape rape. That’s how some of these scumbags think. It’s too bad scum like this are separated from the general; prison population then he’d find out what it’s like to be the victim without being drugged.