Facebook and NYC sued over crime scene photos

Staten Island couple files lawsuit vs. city, Facebook:

26-year-old Caroline Wimmer of Staten Island was murdered on March 28th of this year when 28-year-old Calvin Lawson of The Bronx allegedly beat her and strangled her with a hair dryer cord.

Caroline’s mother, Martha Wimmer, was the one who called 911 when her daughter’s body was found. When help arrived it’s alleged that 46-year-old EMT and former NYPD Emergency Services Unit detective Mark Musarella snapped a picture of Caroline Wimmer’s body on his cell phone. Then it’s alleged that Musarella posted the picture to his Facebook. The picture was allegedly posted to his private profile but all it takes is for one person to be able to see the picture then it’s all over the internet.

Musarella was arrested and is looking at a year behind bars.

Because of the pictures being leaked the Wimmers are suing New York City and Facebook. I could see the merit in a lawsuit against the city but the suit against Facebook should be thrown out. It’s not like Facebook is allowing thousands of pictures like this to be released to the public.

This isn’t the first post I’ve made about EMTs who post these kind of pics to their MySpace or Facebook either. I’ve made posts about crash victims and rape victims whose pictures were posted to social networking sites by EMTs.

Now I’m not saying all EMTs are like this. I briefly ran with a rescue squad in my younger days and most EMTs are really good people. However there is a certain section of EMTs that are ghouls who get off on accident and crime scenes. This isn’t something new either because of the internet. Even before internet days some EMTs were taking pictures and trading them with their ghoulish friends.

I have nothing but respect for paramedics and EMTs, I didn’t have the stones to handle it. However the ghouls need to be exorcised.