Woman arrested after crack found in 3-year-old

West Bank woman arrested after cocaine found in her 3-year-old son’s system:

28-year-old Heather Bubrig allegedly rented a motel room in Marrero, Louisiana so she could go on a crack binge. Apparently she felt in necessary to take her 3-year-old son along with her. When police came to the hotel to arrest her on outstanding warrants they said the child “reeked of a foul odor”. Sometime during the weekend the boy ingested some of the crack.

If you take even one hit of crack and you have kids you’ve already failed as a parent.

Thanks again to Calvena for the tip.

La. woman beats daughter for not selling enough drugs

JPSO: Arrested Marrero woman beat 15-year-old daughter after teen failed to sell prescription drugs:

46-year-old Brenda Arabie of Marrero, Louisiana was arrested on charges of distributing narcotics to a minor, cruelty to a juvenile and alprazolam distribution. It seems that Arabie made her 15-year-old daughter sell all of Arabie’s Xanax pills for $5 a pop. The girl did sell some but police picked her up on a curfew violation and returned her to Arabie after seizing the remainder of the pills. When the girl told Arabie that she didn’t sell all of the pills Arabie beat her with a belt and some form of metal object.

The girl told authorities about the abuse while she was being treated at the hospital for her injuries.

Maybe if mom actually took the Xanax she wouldn’t be such a violent witch.

Thanks to Melissa for the tip.