Stoned couple was thinking Arby’s

Police: Couple Smoked Pot With Baby In Car:

In Indianapolis 27-year-old Marshall Chatman and 25-year-old Constance Payne decided to hit the drive through at Arby’s with their 1-year-old in the car. Nothing too suspicious there except that the drive through clerk noticed the distinct smell of weed coming from the car.

Here’s an interesting fact that a police officer told me once. Nothing else in the world smells like marijuana.

Anyway the clerk stalled them telling them to wait for theiir order while police were on their way.

When arrested the pair told police that Chatman had been smoking a ‘cigar’. *cough*blunt*cough*

A loaded handgun was also allegedly found in the car.

And who says weed doesn’t make you stupid. Or are people already stupid because they smoke weed? I guess that’s the chicken and the egg question.