Trench on Captain America being an alleged nazi

Trench on Captain America being a nazi


In case you haven’t heard by now at the end of Marvel’s new comic Steve Rogers: Captain America #1 it’s revealed in the very last panel that Cap is supposedly an agent of Hydra. The series’ writer has even gone on record as saying, he’s not mind controlled, he’s not a Skrull, he is Steve Rogers. Personally I thought it was a great reveal and I’m looking forward to see where the story goes from here. I haven’t been this excited for a Captain America storyline since the USAgent days.

On the other hand, the collective internet nerd outrage machine knee jerked all over this issue and said “How dare they make Cap into a nazi.” For those of you not familiar with Hydra they are a spy organization that was started under the Red Skull during WW II. In Marvel continuity the Red Skull was one of Hitler’s closest advisers, hence the Hydra-nazi connection.

To those people I would like to give a collective ‘Get Over Yourselves’. First off it’s a comic book. Yes, I enjoy them too but in the grand scheme of things they’re not all that important. Secondly, you have no idea what the creative team has planned. For all you know they could have a brilliant story arc planned for us that may have the greatest conclusion to it of all time. Next, what Marvel superhero hasn’t had his or her ‘dark’ phase? As they say in professional wrestling it’s hard to name a wrestler who was a face, or good guy, his entire career. Ricky Steamboat was but I digress. Lastly, do you honestly think that Marvel is really going to throw away 75 years of Cap’s history by making him a ‘secret nazi’? Who do you think is making this, DC Comics?

So relax internet and let the story unfold before dumping all over it. I know that’s not what the internet does but it was worth a shot.

Speaking of DC Comics you really should pick up DC Rebirth #1. It will get all that bad Hydra taste out of your mouth.

A love letter to Mark Waid’s run on Daredevil


This is a great post from The Nerdist bidding a fond farewell to Mark Waid’s run on Marvel Comics’ Daredevil. Usually I’m not a fanboy to certain writers. I’m more inclined to avoid a comic if it’s done by a certain writer, for example anything written by Frank Miller after The Dark Knight Returns. However Mark Waid’s run on Daredevil for the past four years has not only made Daredevil my favorite Marvel comic but one of my favorite comics of all time.

As the post from the Nerdist points out Mark Waid took Daredevil out of his normally gritty and dark situations and turned him into more of a swashbuckler fitting of the Daredevil name. He was even able to take a bad Marvel crossover in Original Sin and make a really great Daredevil story out of it in one of my favorite single issues of all time.

So thank you Mark Waid for making one of the best comic series of all time in my opinion and good luck to the new creative team. Who knows, maybe the next writer can knock it out of the park as well and make me a fan of one more writer.

Marvel Comics to reboot their universe


Recently it was announced that Marvel Comics will be rebooting their fictional universe with the upcoming Secret Wars storyline much like DC Comics did in 2011 with Flashpoint and the New 52,

At first, much like I did in 2011, I was worried that some great stories would become non-canon like the death of Gwen Stacy or Planet/World War Hulk. Then I realized that just because those stories may be retconned out of existence that doesn’t erase them from our memories. I mean why do we as comic readers worry so much about canon? Why can’t we just enjoy good stories without having to worry about how they all fit in the grander universe and timeline?

I think as comic fans we need to unbunch our underoos every time publishers try something new.

Except for One More Day. We were totally entitled to be pissed off at that steaming turd.

Trench on the new Captain America and Thor



So last week Marvel Comics finally debuted Sam Wilson aka Falcon as the new Captain America. They even had a little fun with the non-reveal which I thought was kind of clever. While Sam has not been in action yet as Cap it looks like he’s keeping his Falcon wings. Not to be Comic Book Guy about it but I don’t like him having both the wings and the shield. It seems like that Marvel is setting him up to be a second-rate Cap. Fanboys everywhere will say “Well Steve Rogers didn’t need wings to be Captain America.” Then again unlike most fanboys I can admit when I’m wrong so he may be the greatest Cap ever but that remains to be seen.

Marvel also revealed the new female Thor, sort of. It’s still a mystery as to who she really is. Marvel kind of dropped some hints but I think that might be a red herring. The part I didn’t like was the Thor we all know and love supposedly losing his arm to Maleketh. I really hope that this isn’t akin to when Aquaman lost his hand. That’s one of the few good things the New 52 corrected.

So basically it’s still too early to say whether or not either character is a success yet and that’s a good thing not only for fans but for comics in general. It keeps us buying and reading comics but we’ll see if these are watershed moments in Marvel Comics history or just another cash grab.

Comic of the Week: Daredevil #7


I haven’t done a comic of the week recommendation in a while because frankly, nothing has really blown my skirt that much lately in the world of comics, until today. Mark Waid’s run on Daredevil has been nothing short of excellent and issue #7 of the current run should be looked upon as a classic issue.

After the Original Sin event Matt Murdock has a flashback to his dad who he idolized. Except the memory shows Matt that his dad may not have been the man he thought he was so Matt suits up as Daredevil to find the only person who can tell him the truth, his mother.

I guess the reason I liked this issue a lot is it because it touched upon a lot of things that I experienced in my life both young and old but I won’t spoil it for you. Pick up this issue as soon as you can.

Falcon to become Captain America


Not to be outdone with making Thor a woman, Marvel Comics has also made it known that the superhero known as The Falcon will be replacing Steve Rogers as Captain America. Apparently the reason this is newsworthy is that Falcon is black so we’ll have a black Captain America. I’m sure there will be some racist idiots who will have a problem with this. I actually do have a problem with this but not because Falcon is black.

Back in the late 70s my dad came home from a garage sale with a huge box of Marvel Comics from the 1970s. Among my favorites were the ones with Captain America and Falcon. I even had a Falcon action figure as a kid and it was one of my favorites because he was black and it made me wonder why there weren’t more black super heroes. As a matter of fact, in the 70s Mego Toys even advertised Falcon as the black superhero.

So my problem with this isn’t his ethnicity. My problem with this is he becomes Captain America because Steve Rogers was recently drained of his Super Soldier Serum which gave him his abilities and now time has finally caught up to the almost 100-year-old Rogers. A super hero losing their powers is one of the most clichéd tropes in all of comic history.

Again this will probably be like Superior Spider-Man and Steve Rogers will be back behind the shield in about a year or so.

UPDATE 9/7/2014: Captain America #24 would have had a great cliffhanger ending if Marvel didn’t already spoil the ending by making this newsworthy. It’s still a great issue so pick it up.

Thor to be a woman


So Marvel announced today that the mantle of Thor will be taken up by a female character soon.

I’m taking a wait and see approach to this because the last time there was this much nerd outrage at Marvel Comics it was when they replaced Peter Parker with Doc Ock as Spider-Man and that was actually pretty good.

I don’t read Thor normally but I’ll have a review of the issue in question once it’s been released.

Review of Superior Spider-Man #1


For the story so far check out my review of Amazing Spider-Man #700 and yes here there be spoilers.

I really liked this issue. I love how the Doc Ock controlled Spider-Man was not only annoyed that someone else would dare call themselves the Sinister Six but how effectively he dealt with them and how he did it with such style. I loved every page of this comic book until the last two.

In my ASM 700 review I said that eventually Peter Parker’s subconscious would over take Octavius’ and Spider-Man would be back to normal. When I meant eventually I didn’t mean right the hell now. For the next year or so are we really going to see Pete in Jedi ghost mode being the angel on Doc Ock’s shoulder? I hope the hell not and I hope that Marvel has something else up their sleeve that will keep this comic exciting.

Review of Amazing Spider-Man 700: Peter Parker dies


I know what you’re saying. “Trench. two comic posts in a row? Have you gone insane?” Possibly but that’s beside the point.

Every once in a while a comic book makes mainstream news. The last time it was Action Comics #900 when Superman supposedly renounced his American citizenship. This time it’s Amazing Spider-Man 700, the issue where Peter Parker dies. If you think that’s a spoiler you’ve been living under a proverbial rock as it was leaked weeks prior to the issue coming out. But in case you haven’t read the issue yet…


Anyway the story goes that Doctor Octopus (Doc Ock) has switched bodies with Spider-Man. The drawback for Spider-Man is that Doc Ock is mere moments away from dying. Spider-Man valiantly tries to get hos own body back but it’s for naught as Doc Ock’s body finally gives out and takes its last breath. But before dying Spider-Man establishes a mental link with Doc Ock and floods his mind with Peter Parker’s memories, most importantly the moment where Uncle Ben tells Peter that with great power comes great responsibility. At that point Doc Ock promises to become an even better Spider-Man than Parker was.

This issue has caused some outrage in the comic boom community even resulting in the sending of death threats to the issues writer.

Now as geeky as I can get I actually thought this issue and the upcoming story of Doc Ock living Peter Parker’s life is a breath of fresh air. It’s a new and interesting take on the body swap concept which normally I detest. But let me try to soothe the nerd outrage that’s been going on.

This is obviously not going to be permanent. The Death of Superman taught us that death is only temporary with almost any character. This will probably be a year-long storyline where Doc Ock tries to be a better Spider-Man but realizes he doesn’t have it in him and when he’s just about to do something so vile and heinous it would make Dr. Doom crap his metal tunic Peter Parker’s memories and personality start a mental battle inside his mind and your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man returns.

So basement dwellers, take it easy. Ol’ Pete will be back in no time and all will be right with the comic book world again. Anyway as right as it can be.

Review of Captain America: The First Avenger


So far this was the best on-screen adaptation for Captain America. I know that’s not saying much but still. All in all it was ok.

I liked the new take on the Cap/Bucky relationship with Bucky being the mentor instead of Cap.

My main concern with this movie is that just about the entire cast was underutilized and it has a really good cast. I mean it has Hugo Weaving and Tommy Lee Jones but both of their performances were below the caliber of acting we’re used to from them.

I thought the action scenes were lackluster too after what we’ve been treated too in previous Marvel fair.

While it was acceptable I think it was the weakest of the new breed of Marvel movies except for Iron Man 2.

3 fedoras out of 5.