Lace her up and get her ready for the track

Marvell Culp Jr.

Marvell Culp Jr.

No bond set for Cordova man in sex trafficking case:

23-year-old Marvell Antonio Culp Jr. of Cordova, Tennessee has been ordered held without bond for allegedly trafficking a 15-year-old runaway girl on the Village Voice Media owned What did Culp do that deserved being held without bond? I’ll let the article from the Memphis Commercial Appeal do the talking as I would only butcher it. So I hope the Commercial Appeal will indulge me in going a little over fair use…

A Cordova man required the young women to take two showers a day, to brush their teeth three times daily, to clean the motel room each morning and to hand copy his written rules that included the pledge “I will be the best ho I can be.”

The FBI agent who testified to that Friday added that if Marvell Antonio Culp Jr. had to tell them twice, the result would be “a swim and meet Newport.”

Translation, the agent said: a hot shower and cigarette burns.

The teenage girl told authorities she was taken to a motel on Lamar where Culp ordered an 18-year-old woman with him to dress her in lingerie and take a photograph of her that was posted at under the escort section.

“He said ‘lace her up’ and ‘get her ready for the track,'” FBI special agent Jaime Corman testified in the 90-minute detention hearing. “Culp made her walk the prostitution track on Lamar and told her not to come back with less than $300. He gave her four condoms and watched her from a car and followed her on her ‘dates.’

Federal prosecutor Steve Parker introduced a list of Culp’s written rules the women were required to follow. Parker said the rules were verified by an expert to be in Culp’s handwriting.

Rule number three read, “I will make as much money as I can for Daddy Tonio to invest in our family.”

Culp initially was charged with state offenses and was held in the Shelby County Jail where he made some 70 telephone calls, including some on which he is heard making threats against the girl, agent Corman said.

“He said if he had a gun he’d have homicide on his mind,” said the FBI agent who listened to the tapes. “He said if he did (get a gun), he’d be ‘pow-pow.’ He also said if they let him out (of jail) he’d be gone.”

This is not some isolated incident either. This is going on every day in just about every city in this country. This is nothing more than slavery and the last time I checked that was abolished by the Constitution around 150 years ago. Culp is just one of the many new slave holders.

Of course there wouldn’t be as many as these teenage victims if it wasn’t for that bastion of free speech, backpage. Again this shows that there so-called screening process is almost non-existent. And while they’re busy defending the trafficking of women and children as their first amendment rights they’re completely ignoring the 13th Amendment.

Neither slavery nor involuntary servitude, except as a punishment for crime whereof the party shall have been duly convicted, shall exist within the United States, or any place subject to their jurisdiction.

If there was any justice in this world not only would these pimps be subject to slavery as a punishment for their crimes but so would the powers that be at Village Voice Media. I would settle for the VVM big wigs getting laced up and walking the track of the prison yard.