RI man convicted of Backpage murder

James A. Adams

I guess the murdering of Backpage prostitutes has become so prevalent that I don’t hear about all of them.

For example 34-year-old James A. Adams, of Warwick, Rhode Island, was just recently convicted in the 2012 murder of 20-year-old Backpage prostitute Mary Grier. Adams is said to have used Backpage to try to rob one woman he ordered off of Backpage after pistol-whipping her. That victim was able to escape. Mary Grier was not so lucky. Only two weeks after the assault of his previous victim Adams led Ms. Grier into a garage where he murdered her. Forensic reports say that she had ligature marks and around her neck and that the cause of death was homicidal violence.

Rhode Island Attorney General Peter F. Kilmartin had the following to say about Backpage’s responsibility in all of this…

“Despite ongoing and increasing evidence that the website is being utilized by individuals for criminal purposes, including activities resulting in charges of solicitation, rape, human trafficking and even murder, the company continues to allow the activities to continue, and even flourish,” Kilmartin said.

While collecting millions of dollars I might add. Well, maybe not anymore.

UPDATE 11/16/2015: Adams has been sentenced to life +100 years. It’s nice to see that some courts can hand out real sentences for these murderers.