Was the Berrendo Middle School shooter bullied? Does it matter?


Documents reveal details of Berrendo Middle School shooting:

News station KOB in Albuquerque is stating that they have ‘hundreds of pages of documents from the investigation into the Berrendo Middle School shooting’. Yet what they focus on is the possible bullying of shooter Mason Campbell.

The woman, who owns Glenn’s Furniture Store in Roswell, says she recognized Campbell’s face on the news. She said he and his grandmother were in her store around Thanksgiving, and Campbell told her how he was tired of being bullied. He reportedly said he planned to saw the butt off of his shotgun, bring it to school, and fire it into the air to get people to listen to him.

The store owner says Campbell’s grandmother heard the whole thing and told her not to listen a word he said. Campbell reportedly replied, “See, nobody listens to me.”

Ok, so the shooting itself happened in January yet this woman supposedly remembers this conversation and Campbell’s face from around Thanksgiving. Granted it’s a conversation worth remembering but human memory isn’t the most reliable.

Also for a moment let’s say the story is 100% accurate, according to police Campbell shot at random including shooting 12-year-old Nathaniel Tavarez in the face with a shotgun. Nathaniel was not his supposed intended target.

Not to mention I’d like to know if he was bullied what he considered bullying because as we know bullying has pretty much lost all meaning in today’s society.

Lastly let’s not forget that bullying is never an excuse to commit mass murder.

Berrendo shooter charged as juvenile


12-year-old Mason Campbell has been charged as a juvenile in the Berrendo Middle School shooting in which he shot two other students with a 20 gauge shotgun. Under New Mexico law the suspect has to be at least 14 before they can be charged as an adult.

I’m not sure how I feel about this. On the one hand maybe 12-years-old is too young to charge someone as an adult in a shooting where no one died. Then again he did shoot one of his victims, 12-year-old Nathaniel Tavarez, in the face. Here’s what condition Nathaniel is in after the shooting…

Gov. Susana Martinez said Thursday the boy who was shot in the face and neck at a New Mexico middle school is heavily sedated and on a breathing machine, but his doctors are optimistic.

Martinez told reporters the student remained in critical condition at a Lubbock, Texas, hospital and doctors have repaired slight damage to his heart. She also said his face and head are covered in pockmarks from the shotgun pellets, and both of his eyes were injured.

Not exactly a minor scrape.

Still no word on how the shotgun was obtained or who it belonged to. All we know is it’s allegedly ‘from the home’. Even if it turned out to have belonged to the parents and was not properly stored I seriously doubt they’ll face any charges. I can’t think of one instance where any parent was charged for allowing their kids access to the guns in a situation like this. I’d be willing to let more shooters serve juvenile sentences if their parents were charged as accomplices.

UPDATE 4/10/2014: Campbell has been ruled competent to stand trial.

UPDATE 7/5/2014: Campbell was sentenced to juvenile detention until he turns 21 after pleading no contest.

More on the Berrendo Middle School shooting


The gunman from Tuesday’s shooting at Berrendo Middle School has been identified as 12-year-old Mason Campbell. I’m not exactly sure why his name has been made public since he has not been charged as an adult and I get the feeling he won’t be. Also after it was reported that the boy he shot may have been his target the actual police are saying that’s not the case.

“When the incident occurred, the victims were random,” New Mexico State Police Chief Pete Kassetas said.

As usual a lot of conclusions were jumped to by the media in the initial reports that came out about the attacks. You think the media would learn their lesson by now but in today’s journalism it’s better to be first than right.

As I mentioned in yesterday’s post the weapon used was a 20 gauge shotgun. The gun was in fact taken from the house. It was loaded with three shells that were all used in the attack. Police say there was no other ammunition than that. Reports also say that the stock of the gun was sawed off to make the gun more of a pistol grip type of shotgun. So if the gun belonged to his parents how long was it among the missing while the stock was being sawed off and then taken to school. Do you want to know a really good way to keep guns out of our schools so situations like this don’t happen? Parents who own guns need to keep them locked up, and by locked up I don’t mean leaving the key lying around so anyone can get to the guns. I don’t own a gun, if I did I make damn sure I knew where it was at all times no matter how many of them I owned. I have no problem with people who own guns as long as their responsible with them. Obviously too many parents today are not responsible gun owners.

Lastly a lot of media outlets are making a big deal over the fact that Campbell may have warned some kids before the shooting. They try to make it sound like the onus is on the kids who he told to tell someone in authority. Except he didn’t warn anybody days or even hours in advance. He supposedly warned them right before it happened. I’m sure the kids he did warn probably didn’t have time enough to do anything.

Still no word on any kind of motive.