Mass. Kik kreeper wanted sex with 6-12 y.o. girls

Mass. Kik kreeper wanted sex with 6-12 y.o. girls

31-year-old William Shenette of Webster, Massachusetts, was arrested recently for allegedly trading child porn on the mobile messaging app Kik. No word on how authorities were tipped off to Shenette, however he was said to have been in possession of at least two child porn videos.

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In addition to that, Shenette is also accused of sending an underage boy a picture of his junk, and chatted with someone on Kik saying he wanted to have sex with girls between the ages of 6 and 12 (child rape). None of this should come as any surprise as Kik is awash with sex offenders, pedophiles, and child porn collectors.

Kik is doing nothing to try to shed this image either. Don’t rely on them to protect your kids.

How not to approach your children about Snapchat

How not to approach your children about Snapchat

(Story broke 6/21/2017)

If you discovered that your 11-year-old son or daughter was on Snapchat how would you handle it? I’d like to think most of us would handle it rationally, but still disciplining the child within reason. For example, you could take away their phone for a certain amount of time, or you could add restrictions to the phone where they wouldn’t be able to download such apps. I would also imagine that you would have a talk with them about how dangerous apps like these could be, especially when you make friends with strangers.

31-year-old Sean Nguyen of Peabody, Massachusetts, did not handle it that way. When Nguyen found out that his 11-year-old daughter was on Snapchat he, for lack of a better term, snapped. When his daughter wouldn’t relinquish her phone, Nguyen allegedly beat the girl with a belt, pulled her hair and choked her.

Nguyen may have had valid concerns, but that does not excuse his alleged actions.

“My niece had over 800 friends, but she doesn’t know 800 people. My brother’s concern was some of those people could be perverts. So she deleted her whole account, that did come about at the end, the account is gone,” her aunt explained.

While I’m not a fan of Snapchat, parents may want to remember that celebrities are also on the photo sharing app. When I was that age, there were a number of musicians I was infatuated with, although I don’t think there were 800 of them. Either way, this could have been used as a teaching moment instead of an outburst of violence.

As a reminder to parents, Snapchat is rated T, which means it is not appropriate for children under 13.

Check the video at this link of his family and neighbors defending him. It’s worth it.

Massachusetts Kik kreeper guilty of getting 150+ boys to send him explicit pictures

Massachusetts Kik kreeper guilty of getting 150+ boys to send him explicit pictures

(Story broke 6/13/2017)

Here’s another assclown I wish I could get a mugshot of.

Anyway, 24-year-old Curtis Simoneau, of Framingham, Massachusetts, pleaded guilty to child porn charges after he admitted to receiving explicit images of over 150 underage boys by using the mobile messaging app Kik.

As online predators are wont to do, Simoneau posed as a 14-year-old girl from Maine named ‘Laura James’. He would use the boys he met on Kik to introduce him to their friends continuing the cycle. Investigators found 1,128 videos and 712 images of child porn on his various devices.

This isn’t Simoneau’s first rodeo either. While I was trying to find his mugshot, I discovered this article from 2010 that details his arrest at 17 where he downloaded child porn off the internet to trade with other child porn collectors. For that he was placed on probation and look how well it worked. By well, I mean not at all.

There should be no probation for predators like this. Neither strikes nor breaks should they be given, just incarceration. While I’m not a fan of continued recreational drug use, let’s let all the dope smokers out of prison so we can house scum like this a hell of a lot longer than they are now.

Sentencing is set for October 2nd.

UPDATE 10/4/2017: Simoneau was sentenced to 17 years in federal prison.

Massachusetts Kik kreeper claims he ‘accidentally’ downloaded child porn stash

Massachusetts Kik kreeper claims he 'accidentally' downloaded child porn stash

(Story broke 6/6/2017)

41-year-old George M. Rodriguez of Erving, Massachusetts, was recently arrested for allegedly being in possession of a rather large cache of child porn. Rodriguez is said to have uploaded it to Google Drive. Google caught wind of it and tipped off the NCMEC who in turn called local police. When police investigated his devices they found he uploaded at least 189 videos of definitive child porn to his Google Drive. Police say that Rodriguez claims he stored a lot of porn in his Google Drive so his wife wouldn’t find out and may have ‘ACCIDENTALLY’ downloaded some child porn.

It’s not unheard of for someone to accidentally download child porn. Back in the days of file sharing services like Napster, Kazzaa, and Limewire, people would download what they thought was either a pirated movie or album, but instead it would be a file full of child porn. However, those days are past, and it didn’t help that police discovered on Rodriguez’s Kik account, he had a number of explicit photos of young women of undetermined age on his cell phone. As we all know, Kik is very abundant in sex offenders, pedophiles, and child porn collectors.

Rodriguez was released on $1000 bail, so sleep tight Massachusetts.

If I still made multiple blogs, I could probably do one solely about Kik and have content for it every day.

Mass. man accused of raping girl he met through Omegle

Mass. man accused of raping girl he met through Omegle

Raymond Phelps

(Story broke 4/13/2017)

25-year-old Raymond Phelps, of Bernardston, Massachusetts, is accused of allegedly having sex (e.g. child rape) with a 14-year-old-girl he met through the website Omegle. For those of you unfamiliar with Omegle, it’s a website that pairs you with random people and allows you to cam-chat with them. This being the internet, it’s been abused by numerous predators and child porn collectors since it’s frequented by teens.

The incident happened back in February when Phelps is said to have taken the girl to a movie where he started inappropriately touching the girl. Then the two are said to have ‘had sex’ later in Phelps’ truck. While the victim says the sex was consensual she also reportedly told police that Phelps knew her age. Meanwhile, Phelps is using the “I didn’t know she was 14” defense.

Personally, I don’t feel like Omegle gets enough attention from law enforcement. While there’s not as many stories about it in the news like Kik, it’s still the most popular search term used to find my site. Those search terms are usually something like “Can I get arrested from using Omegle?”, which leads me to believe that more people are using it for nefarious reasons than people believe.

Let’s also not forget that Omegle is a website, not an app. It can be used by any device that has a camera and a web browser.

Kik kiddie porn kreeper was substitute teacher and coach at the Y

Kik kiddie porn kreeper was substitute teacher and coach at the Y

22-year-old Jameson B. Clevenger, of Greenfield, Massachusetts, was recently arrested for allegedly trading child porn on the mobile messaging app Kik. He reportedly told police he had been trading child porn on Kik for about a year or two. What’s more interesting is that he said that the images were part of a fantasy and that he would never act on it. Really? I find that hard to believe.

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The reason I find it hard to believe that he wouldn’t act on it is because he held two different positions that put him close to children. Clevenger was not only a substitute teacher, but was also a gymnastics instructor at the local YMCA. While his charges did not stem from either job, one could speculate that he may have chosen those professions because of his predilections. The Y even issued a statement saying they do thorough background checks but Clevenger’s record was clean up until this point. The school did a similar background check and also found nothing. Unfortunately in this day and age, it could mean that they just haven’t been caught yet.

This is the part where I tell you that Kik is a haven for not only sex offenders and pedophiles, but also has a prolific community of child porn traders. It’s also an app that is popular among kids and teens. Because of these two things, every parent should be concerned if this app is found on any of their children’s devices.

Kik kreeper posed as Justin Bieber to extort 9-year-old girl for pics

Kik kreeper posed as Justin Bieber to extort 9-year-old girl for pics

Bryan Asrary (not Justin Bieber)

24-year-old Bryan Asrary of Revere, Massachusetts, is accused of posing as Justin Bieber in order to extort explicit pictures from a 9-year-old girl for two years. The victim, from Los Angeles County in California, followed Bieber on Instagram and was messaged by Asrary claiming to know Bieber and promised a meeting with the alleged singer. The victim was then instructed to open a Kik account where Asrary is said to have posed as Bieber himself. That’s when Asrary is said to have threatened the victim into sending him explicit photos of herself. Two years later in 2016, the suspect is said to have tried to extort more pictures out of the victim by threatening to publish the original pictures. The victim then went to her mother who went to police.

In what should really come as no surprise, this is not the first suspect to try to pose as the Canadian pop star, or the second. In the annals of this website there have been two others who have tried to use the Bieber bluff. Their stories can be seen here and here.

While I can understand why a parent may allow their child to follow Justin Bieber on Instagram, it should still be done under strict supervision, not to mention that no 9-year-old should ever be allowed to have unfettered access to social media no matter how innocent their intentions may be. Any platform, regardless of how kid friendly it may be, can be abused by miscreants like this in order to corrupt your children.

Doctors claim that father of missing Giovanni Gonzalez is competent

Doctors claim that father of missing Giovanni Gonzalez is competent

Ernesto Gonzalez

It’s been 8 years since then 5-year old Giovanni Gonzalez disappeared. In 2008, Giovanni was supposed to have spent the weekend with his father Ernesto Gonzalez in Lynn, Massachusetts. When it came time for Giovanni to be returned to his mother, Ernesto Gonzalez never returned him and Giovanni has been missing since. After being arrested for Giovanni’s disappearance, the elder Gonzalez claimed that he murdered Giovanni, but authorities claim that there is no evidence that corroborates that story.

After having kidnapping charges against him dropped Ernesto Gonzalez has been held in a Massachusetts mental hospital. Now that hospital is claiming that Ernesto Gonzalez is mentally competent. This starts the process for Gonzalez to stand trial in the disappearance of his son. The next step is for Gonzalez to be examined by doctors from both the defense and the prosecution to see whether he is fit for trial.

As I have previously stated, I unfortunately don’t believe Giovanni is alive, even though I pray that he is. If he is still alive he us believed to be either still in the Lynn area or in Puerto Rico. I’ve included his most recent missing poster from the NCMEC below.

Sex offender accused of raping girl he met on Kik

Sex offender accused of raping girl he met on Kik

Charles P. Lovejoy,

31-year-old Charles P. Lovejoy, of Lowell, Massachusetts, is a convicted sex offender who is currently being held on $1 million bail after being arrested for allegedly raping a 14-year-old girl that he met on Kik.


Lovejoy is accused of taking the girl to a graveyard in Whitman where he reportedly raped the girl. Police pulled him over shortly after the crime occurred where he reportedly told police he was taking a ‘young cousin’ to a family member’s gravesite. It also didn’t help that Lovejoy’s information came back to the officer that the man in question was a level 3 sex offender. The victim also told police she wasn’t related to Lovejoy.

In 2010, Lovejoy was convicted of indecent assault and battery on a child, but only received two years of prison and five years of probation. That doesn’t sound like much of a sentence.

As I’ve mentioned many times, Kik is awash with sex offenders and pedophiles. If you’re not watching your kids someone else will be.

Mass. man tries to get girls in his van with Pokemon Go

Mass. man tries to get girls to play Pokemon Go in his van

Sketch of the suspect

Sketch of the suspect

From the interdepartmental cooperation between the ‘It was bound to happen’ Department and the ‘This is why we can’t have nice things’ Department comes this story from Bridgewater, Massachusetts. This past weekend a man described as being in his 20s, allegedly tried to get three 11-year-old girls into his van by asking them to play Pokemon Go.

He is described as a slim, well-built, dark-skinned male in his 20s with tattoos on both of his arms and chest. He was not wearing a shirt at the time of the incident.

Anyone with information about the incident, the person of interest or his vehicle is urged to call the Bridgewater Police Department Detective Division at 508-697-6118.

In this day and age, everything innocent unfortunately becomes perverted.