Matthew Cogburn

They’re still showing up:

It seems that Dateline NBC had another one of their “To Catch A Predator” episodes tonight. I missed it because I wasn’t home. However, a reader by the name of Big Boss tipped me off to one of the guys they exposed…

Another man who despite seeing our previous broadcasts is willing to take the risk of showing up at a stranger’s house to possibly have sex with a minor.

He’s 22-year-old Matthew Cogburn- yesterday was his birthday. He’s here to meet a decoy pretending to be a 14-year-old.

This clean cut all-American looking man has a MySpace page where he says “Jesus rocks” and lists god as his number one hero. But when he goes into a Yahoo chat room, he seems like another person. His chat with a girl he thinks is 14 is so graphic, much of it can’t be shown. He does ask the decoy if her house is secluded so if they use the jacuzzi, “you can moan and squeal all you want.”

Matthew Cogburn (hidden camera footage): Nice house.

Decoy: Thank you. Did you have a hard time getting here?

Cogburn: Well the road that I was looking for didn’t show up.

Hansen: Why don’t you have a seat there, and get comfortable for a minute

Cogburn: I had a feeling this was going to happenHansen: You had a feeling what was going to happen?

Cogburn: Is this the national news thing. The national news all that stuff?

Hansen: NBC? You mean like Dateline NBC?

Cogburn: Yeah.

Hansen: What was your plan here today?

Cogburn: I don’t. I can’t answer that as I want to because I’ve been in a struggle with myself on what I want, ’cause I’m still a virgin and a just, and it’s stupid that I did this.

Hansen: How old are you?

Cogburn: 22

Hansen: And how old was the girl you were chatting with on line?

Cogburn: The girl said she was 13 or 14.

Hansen: 13 or 14? And you thought that it would be okay to come over here and visit a young girl home alone?

Cogburn: I wanted it, I wanted to think it was okay, but I guess (he shrugs his shoulders)

Hansen: Now, I’m looking at this chat log here. Sixteen minutes into this discussion you ask if she can do ‘deep throat’. Explain that to me.

Cogburn: No reason to explain it.

Hansen: No reason to explain it. (reading from chat) “How do you feel about sex?” “You on birth control?” or “Are you sticking with condoms?” “you got toys”?

Cogburn: is there any ah

Hansen: Well I want you to square that with what’s on your MySpace Website where you talk about “Jesus rocks.”

You’ll hear more about this man’s inner struggle after he’s in police custody.

And thanks to Big Boss we have Cogburn’s MySpace. His MySpace username is “crazyforchristcoggy”. It seems he’s crazier for underage girls.