NY State man accused with MySpace molestation is defended by his family

Cambridge man’s MySpace sex arrest not so cut and dry:

26-year old Matthew Hart of Cambridge, NY was arrested for having sex with a 13-year-old girl that he met over MySpace. Hart is an ex-con who was on parole for forgery charges.

His family says that the victim lied to Hart and said she was 18. In the article I linked to the news station says they found the girl’s MySpace and that it says she is 18. I wonder how they got the name of a minor who was the victim of sexual assault. Even his girlfriend says that he would never do such a thing. What some women will do for a man.

However on the other side of things the victim’s mother caught Hart in the act with his daughter and she claims that Hart told his daughter that he was 16.

Let’s also throw in that the Cambridge-Greenwich Police believe that Hart may have had another victim as well.

Hart also used the alias of James Smith of Troy, NY on MySpace. That doesn’t seem suspicious at all.