Craigslist child pimp caught trying to have witness killed


Inmate charged in murder-for-hire attempt:

I originally posted about Matthew P. Lallis here. Back in 2010 in Groton, Connecticut Lallis was busted for allegedly pimping out a 15-year-old girl on craigslist. He’s also accused of having sex (child rape) with the girl and making her tell people she was 16 as that’s the age of consent in CT.

As if that wasn’t enough now he’s in even more trouble for allegedly trying to have witness killed so they wouldn’t testify against him. Authorities in Connecticut say that Lallis tried to have the witness killed while he’s in jail awaiting trial on the child prostitution charges. He’s now been charged with conspiracy to commit murder.

To me that’s an admission of guilt on the child prostitution charges. Oh well, whatever keeps this scumbag in jail longer.

Conn. craigslist child prostitution bust


Teen says men pimped her out on Craigslist:

Police in Groton, Conn, have charged 28-year-old Matthew P. Lallis with child prostitution after a 15-year-old runaway accused him of pimping her out on craigslist.

Lallis, like most predators, is trying to deflect the blame on to the victim by allegedly claiming that the girl came to him wanting help in becoming a hooker. However reports say that Lallis was the one who placed the craigslist ads for her and instructed her to tell johns that she was 16 which is the Conn. age of consent. Even though that is the AoC you are considered a child prostitute until you are 17 under Conn. law.

Yet again to flog the deceased equine where was the screening by craigslist to stop these ads from seeing the light of day if it was in the adult services section? Where was the community policing if it was posted in the casual encounters section? I’ll tell you where they were. No where. They don’t work and the fact that craigslist considers these a feature is a joke.

But since the ads provide such a nice little profit to craigslist they’ll continue to pay lip service to law enforcement and the American people.