OKC man used scoped rifle to kill daughter

Affidavit: Scoped Rifle Used To Kill Girl, 6:

That’s it. There’s too many idiots with guns and kids out there that I’ve created a category strictly about guns. I don’t have a problem with people who legally own guns. I do have a problem with people who use them so irresponsibly that some one ends up injured or dead.

For example take 23-year-old Matthew Peoples of Oklahoma City. He claims he accidentally killed his 6-year-old daughter when he pointed his scoped rifle at his daughter, Denise Anderson, and pulled the trigger forgetting that he had loaded the rifle the day before. I don’t know why he would then dump his daughter’s body outside of town but here we are.

Let’s just take his story at face value even though I don’t believe it. What is with some people who treat guns as a joke? I have never owned a gun in my life and I don’t plan to. But even I know that you always treat a gun as if it we’re loaded.