Creepy Indiana guy charged with shaking stepdaughter

Man admits to shaking infant stepchild:

Unfortunately I can’t post every story that is sent in to me. There’s so much evil being perpetrated against children by their caregivers that if I didn’t pass on some stories I’d would spend all my time posting on this site. So I’ve taken to posting those stories where the suspects have that one extra something that sets them apart and makes them more evil than other child abusers. In this case a mugshot is that extra thing.

Creepy McViolent over there is 20-year-old Matthew Schulz of Lafayette, Indiana. He accused of violently shaking his 15-week-old stepdaughter on 5 separate occasions and putting her in the hospital. At the time of the article the girl was in stable condition. Again this is another case where the suspect allegedly shook the baby because she wouldn’t stop crying.

I know we’re not supposed to judge a book by the cover but this guy looks like anger personified.

Thanks to Erin for the tip and I apologize in taking so long to post it.