Kauhajoki cop acquitted

Finnish court acquits Kauhajoki policeman:

The cop who interviewed Kauhajoki gunman Matti Saari and chose not to take Saari’s gun was acquitted on charges of negligent homicide.

The unnamed officer questioned Saari the day before the shootings at Kauhajoki where Saari murdered 10 people at the school.

A lawyer representing the victims’ families says they will appeal and they should because this officer obviously failed with Saari and returned the weapon to him that he used to kill those people.

Here in America, from what I’ve heard, an ineffective cop like that is called a donut eater. I wonder what they’re called in Finland.

Kauhajoki cyber tip ignored

Tipoff on Finnish school shooter filed and ignored -NBI:

So not only did police interview Kauhajoki gunman Matti Saari and give him his gun back bit they also received a tip about him on a police website and they totally botched that too.

The tip didn’t mention Saari by name but an investigation said it wouldn’t have been hard to determine who the tip was about.

They must have taken lessons from the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Dept. in Colorado.

Cop who questioned Matti Saari charged

Breaking News: Police officer in Kauhajoki shooting case to be charged with negligence:

The Finnish police officer who allowed Matti Saari to have his gun back has been charged with negligence.

If you’ll recall the officer interviewed Saari on suspicion of violence the day before Saari launched his attack on Kauhajoki School killing several.

The officer allegedly found no reason to withhold Saari’s gun from him despite the YouTube videos threatening violence.

If it wasn’t such a tragedy it would almost be comical. I see the cop being played by the late Graham Chapman of Monty Python fame handing Saari his gun back saying “All right then. Move along.”

Finnish cop could be charged over Kauhajoki shooting

Finnish policeman faces charges over Kauhajoki shooting:

The Finnish police officer who gave Matti Saari back his guns is likely to be facing charges. The officer returned Sarri’s guns to him the day before the massacre at the Kauhajoki school even after the officer saw Saari’s YouTube videos.

The officer denies any wrongdoing. Of course he does. I do not see this going well. He’s probably do better just to apologize and admit what he did was wrong.

Finnish police probe launched

Probe Launched into Kauhajoki Police Actions:

Prosecutors in Finland are launching a probe that will look into whether or not police acted properly in releasing Maati Saari and giving him back his gun.

I’m very unfamiliar with Finnish law so I can’t comment. The only thing I can say that if this happened in the U.S. then in my opinion they would have had probable cause to at least search the house.

I’d appreciate it if a legal expert from either country could weigh in on this.

Did police prompt Saari to attack

No indication that police action prompted Saari to move up Kauhajoki attack:

Someone is saying, I’m not sure who because the article doesn’t say, that Matti Saari did not attack the school last Monday because the police interrogated him the Friday before. Whoever is saying that is mistaken.

Why else would he attack on that Monday if he wasn’t interrogated the Friday before. It seems obvious that he knew that police were getting close to uncovering his plan so he stepped it up.

My guess was that since he was such a ‘special friend’ of Pekka-Eric Auvinen that he was more than likely waiting for the anniversary of Jokela.

That’s the way the tiny minds of these mutants work.

The Mutant Network

Admirers of school killers exchange views on Internet:

This happens after every recent school shooting. Some media outlet prints a story about how the mutants congregate in their dark slimy corners of the internet.

“I love this day! I love it!” declared one person who had known about Matti Juhani Saari on his YouTube page a few hours after the shootings.

As I’ve been saying for the past 8 years there are groups on the internet that basically worship school shooters. Most of them can be found on LiveJournal, MySpace and YouTube.

“He was intelligent. He was beautiful”, says one video of Pekka-Eric Auvinen.

These websites are well within their rights to ban these types of groups.

“They all had much courage – if we want our community to change, we need to hear their ideas.”

But they never do.

Already on Tuesday, a website in the United States was selling T-shirts featuring a picture of Matti Saari.

They hide under the guise of free speech.

The same site maintains a list in which school killers are placed in a “ranking order” based on the number of people they have killed.

When it’s really hate speech.

The two shooters at Columbine, Jokela’s Auvinen, and most recently, Matti Saari have an iconic status on certain websites, similar to that of serial killers depicted in horror films.

Then everyone wonders why when it happens again.

Typical features include posing with weapons, shouting at the camera, shouting at the camera, firing into the ground, and television footage broadcast after the massacre.

Parents. teachers, police, and websites need to be made more aware of these groups. For the most part they’re not groups looking into the whys and hows of what happened and how future shootings can be prevented. They’re mostly a cultlike subsection of society that relish in these mass murders. Because their lives are unfulfilled they feel the need to live vicariously through the actions of cowardly mass murderers.

It’s not just kids either. In my travels I have seen adults, who were even adults at the time of Columbine, who worship or sympathize with these scumbag killers.

Freedom isn’t a right, it’s a responsibility. It’s high time we started holding people responsible for this cancer that infests the internet.

As always it was your pleasure.

More information on Kauhajoki School shooting

Finland school shooting: Gunman Matti Saari made phone call during slaughter:

More details are being made public about the Kauhajoki School shooting and the gunman Matti Saari.

As you can guess by the headline Saari called a friend only identified as Rauno and said that he had just shot 10 people and was saying goodbye. Isn’t it nice that he got to say goodbye but none of his victims could? That was sarcasm by the way.

The friend also said that Saari had claimed previously that he was going to shoot up a school and then later said he was ‘joking’. Again, those type of ‘jokes’ need to be taken seriously.

Not surprisingly Saari was booted from the Finnish army for discharging his weapon against orders which terrified the other recruits.

Witnesses say that Saari was enjoying himself while committing mass murder.

The article also states that Saari and Pekka-Eric Auvinen did in fact know each other. It’s alleged that the pair played Battlefield 2 together over the internet and that they discussed their respective school shooting plans with each other.

The two school killers also sent typed messages to each other on their computers talking about their plans for a shooting. One of the messages said: “Let’s do it together.”

Auvinen wrote: “If I can’t do it I know you can make it.”

They even bought their guns at the same weapons store, called Tera-asekeks, a few hundred yards from the school in Jokela where Auvinen killed eight people and himself last November.

A girl even broke up with Saari because of his IM’s back and forth with Auvinen.

Finnish police also fear that there may be a network of school shooters, They’re not far off but it’s probably not as big as they think it is. And it’s not just Finnish either, it’s international. Don’t forget that Auvinen also had contact with would be school shooter Dillon Cossey.

It seems that he was bullied in the army as well…

Army recruits who knew Saari described him as “weird and silent” and said he was teased and bullied.

One said: “He wasn’t very good at shooting and didn’t really know how to handle a gun.One day we had to go into the woods and only the people at the front were supposed to shoot.

“But he shot from the back and everybody was very scared. They decided he wasn’t suitable for the army.”

When you act like an anti-social and dangerous fucknut you’re inviting the harassment on yourself. And again, he attacked innocents like a coward. Army units are supposed to me teams. Not a bunch of guys and one lunatic.

Police believe that his brother’s death from a heart attack in 2003 may have also contributed to his deranged mental state. Life sucks but it’s no reason to commit mass murder.

So my original assessment remains unchanged. Saari was an unoriginal, selfish and cowardly mutant who should have done the world a favor by putting a bullet in his own brain before harming others.

Finnish school shooters may have had contact

Finland school shooters likely had contact: Police:

Police in Finland are saying that it’s more than likely that Jokela shooter Pekka-Eric Auvinen and Kauhajoki shooter Matti Saari have had some form of contact. Police note that Saari had purchased the gun he used in his spree in Jokela.

It was also confirmed after his arrest that Pennsylvania school shooting plotter Dillon Cossey also had contact with Auvinen prior to his killing spree.

This why I think sites like MySpace, LiveJournal, and YouTube need to clamp down on the school shooting tribute groups. It’s obviously they’re now networking and feeding off of each other.