Canadian pedophile says he wants to be a contributing member of society


Pedophile issues court apology to victims:

I originally posted about Max David Miller here. Not only did he plead guilty to luring underage girls over the Canadian social site Nexopia but he also had sex (child rape) with the girls after getting them drunk. He solicited girls as young as 10-years-old. Prosecutors are asking for a sentence of 10-12 years.

In court last week Miller ‘apologized’ to his victims while trying to get leniency from the court…

“I am truly sorry . . . primarily for the psychological problems and psychiatric trauma to the victims,”

“I want help and I want to be a contributing member of society.”

His lawyer had this to say…

“The psychological reports tell of his rehabilitation and his ability to rehabilitate himself for his deviancy,” said Hepner. “He is motivated to rehabilitate himself.

“He’s still a young man and a first-time offender. To give him a 10-year sentence would be crushing.”

You know what was crushing? The mental and physical damage that this scumbag inflicted on his victims. He may be a first time offender in the eyes of the law but he had multiple victims. In reality this was probably his first time in being caught.

10 years is a joke of a sentence for what this serial predator did. He should be put away for life. Unfortunately if history is any indicator he’ll probably only get 5 years then be out again with plenty of time to find more victims.

UPDATE 12/1/2011: He got 10 years.

Max David Miller pleads guilty to child luring on Nexopia


25-year-old Max David Miller of Calgary…Alberta, Canada pleaded guilty to child luring on Canadian based social networking site Nexopia.

Now that makes it sound like that Miller ‘just’ asked underage girls on Nexopia to have sex with him but it goes way beyond that.

Miller solicited over 300 girls for sex or explicit images of themselves through both Nexopia and MSN Messenger. He would do this to girls ages 10 to 15. He told his victims that if they got pregnant by him he would either get them an abortion or take care of them. He also said that if one of the girls did have a baby through him that he would like to ‘play’ with the baby and then teach the child about sex himself.

He would also tell his victims that if they had boyfriends it wouldn’t be considered cheating since he would be technically raping them.

Miller also asked girls to find him other victims as young as 7-years-old.

This is one of those posts that I feel the need to take a shower after typing it.

The article states that Miller is looking at a lengthy sentence but if history is any indicator it won’t be as long as it should be.

And let’s not forget that 10-year-olds don’t need to be on any social networking sites.

UPDATE 11/20/2011: Prosecutors asked for a sentence of 10 to 12 years. Which means he’ll probably get about half that.