Meth heads drive with 5 unrestrained kids

McMinnville couple held on meth and endangerment charges:

Before you read anything click on the article link. You have to see their mugshots.

Anyway the ghastly pair in said mugshots are 38-year-olds Tracy Ann Duncan and William James Duncan of McMinnville, Oregon. After they were presumably pulled over for having 5 unrestrained kids in the car ranging in ages from 5 to 10 police then searched the car and the hotel they were residing at. Guess what they found. Meth in both places and both Duncans were said to have been under the influence of meth while they were driving their unrestrained kids around.

Meth does not a happy family make. Maybe if they weren’t spending their money on meth they could afford a decent place to live.

Remember kids, not even once.

Thanks to Jill for the tip.