Fake mom reports fake kid fake missing

Woman Charged With Lying About Missing Baby:

A woman in Florida reported to police that her babysitter did not return her child. Sound a little familiar?

Except that in this case there was just one big lie instead of a lot of misleading ones. It turns out that the child didn’t even exist.

Miami police arrested Meagan McCormic on filing charges of a false police report. It’s alleged that McCormic was using the fictional Riley Buchness to lure her ex-boyfriend from Boston to Miami. It turns out that McCormic was pregnant but miscarried and she didn’t want her ex to know that for whatever reason.When the ex showed up to Miami that’s when McCormic made up the abduction story.

Not only did McCormic go to insane lengths to try and get back with her ex but it seems somebody may have a case of Casey Anthony as well.

Thanks to Lady Jade for the tip.