The man behind Megan Had it Coming

Notorious Kirkland troll tells how to avoid his wrath:

Some of you may remember the “Megan Had it Coming” blog that was supposed to have been written by Lori Drew. As it turned out it was a complete hoax. The funny thing is that the man behind the site was once lauded by this very site.

Jason Fortuny was praised by me for conducting what was called the Craigslist Experiment.

Posing as a woman looking for sex, Fortuny snared 170 men through a fake Craigslist ad, then publicly released the men’s names, e-mails and other personal information.

I actually thought that was clever and funny, MHIC not so much.

Fortuny prides himself on being an internet troll if not the internet troll. As much as I thought MHIC was uncalled for I have to give him credit. He pulled the wool over a lot of people’s eyes. It made me shake my head that so many people fell for an obvious hoax. All I have to say to that is, well played sir.

Trolling sometimes comes with a price as Mr. Fortuny is being sued for his craigslist experiment.

No charges for 'Megan Had It Coming'

No charges against impersonators in Internet suicide case:

Authorities in St. Charles County, Missouri will not be filing any charges against those behind the ‘Megan Had It Coming’ blog.

For those of you just joining us let me recap. In the wake of the controversy surrounding the much publicized suicide of Megan Meier someone posted a fake blog pretending to be Lori Drew saying that Megan got what she deserved. I deemed it a fake as soon as I laid eyes on it.

Now let’s get to the aforementioned authorities…

St. Charles County Prosecutor Jack Banas said Tuesday that the sheriff’s department investigated those who posed as Lori Drew on the Internet. Because the bloggers were from outside of Missouri and had not sent messages to either family involved in the case, and the difficulty of legally proving the identity and actions of people behind their Internet addresses, charges are not being pursued in the impersonation case, Banas said.

Banas said he did not have the names of those allegedly involved in the online impersonation of Drew. The St. Charles County Sheriff’s Department referred questions to Banas’ office.

Heaven forfend if the pranksters’ names ever get out. Then karma will be raking in all the ‘lulz’.

Way to stay current

More Details Emerge In Myspace Suicide Case:

Sometimes the media cracks me up. Take for instance this article by the local Fox affiliate in Kansas City about the Megan Meier case dated 1/10/08.

The Washington Post reports that someone established a Web site a few weeks ago to degrade Megan Meier’s character. The site has since been taken down, and no one knows who set it up.


First of all the website, the infamous Megan Had it Coming, is still up and secondly Encyclopedia Dramatica already admitted to the hoax. I posted about it here over a month ago as did a lot of other bloggers.

Get with the program.

Megan Had It Coming is a hoax Part III: Hoax Confirmed

I’m usually not one to say I told you so….ah who the hell am I kidding? Thanks to Mondoreb from DBKP we now know that ‘Megan Had It Coming’ was a hoax like I’ve been telling you all along. So if you’ll allow me…


I told you so.

But someone was even more right than me and that would be Pat from Belchspeak. Early on he told me that it was probably someone from Encyclopedia Dramatica and it turns out he was dead on. For those of you who don’t know ED is a bizzaro world version of Wikipedia that keeps track of all the drama on the internet. ED’s admission to it can be found here where they also refer to yours truly as an internet genius. Yes I know they’re being sarcastic.

However as crass and tasteless as this stunt was on ED’s part (as in I hope the hoaxter gets a kick in the balls by karma) the hoaxter has a point. Some assclown posts a blog claiming to be Lori Drew and a lot of you fell for it hook line and sinker further perpetuating the sad realization that even today some people will believe anything they see on the internet.

Remember Trench’s Internet Law #1 kids. Be skeptical and don’t trust anyone.

‘Megan Had It Coming’ is a hoax Part II

MySpace Mom Linked to Missouri Teen’s Suicide Being Cyber-Bullied Herself:

Lori Drew is denying any connection to ‘MHIC’ through her attorney…

Drew’s attorney, Jim Briscoe, denied that Drew had any involvement with the “Megan Had It Coming” blog.

“I can categorically say that she did not write it,” Briscoe told “She has not said anything on the Internet, on any blogs, on any Internet sites.”

Briscoe said that Drew, a neighbor of the Meiers, has purposely remained silent in the media and online during the investigation and since.

“That’s part of why she’s remained silent, so there’s no confusion about that,” Briscoe said. “Anything that’s on the Web is not true. She hasn’t done anything. She doesn’t know anybody who’s done it — anybody who’s doing it or has done it.”

I would think that if Lori Drew is smart enough to obtain the services of an attorney that she wouldn’t be that stupid to make this blog. Especially since the Meiers will more than likely are pursuing civil action.

However prosecutor Jack Banas is investigating MHIC to see if any harassment laws were broken.

If I was the person behind MHIC I’d be worried about a knock on my door from investigators.

‘Megan Had It Coming’ is a hoax and other news

MySpace Bully Talks Back (Maybe):

If you’ve been following the Megan Meier story like I have then you’re familiar with the ‘Megan Had It Coming’ blog. I’m not going to link to it because whoever is running it doesn’t deserve the attention. Anyway, it’s allegedly being posted by someone close to the situation who believes that Megan Meier deserved what she got. Some media outlets think it may actually be Lori Drew posting that blog. As a matter of fact I had a journalist ask me my opinion on its authenticity yesterday. I think it’s a hoax and I’ll tell you why.

The posts at ‘MHIC’ are awfully similar to the comments left by someone calling themselves ANONYMOUS that posted on one of my Megan Meier entries. The e-mail address they used to leave a comment traced back to the MySpace of a 16-year-old black girl from Michigan. It is possible that ANONYMOUS was using a fake address that just happened to coincide with that MySpace but the MySpace in question has since been deleted ever since I made that fact public. The second reason I think it’s a fake is because ANONYMOUS’ IP address traced back to Louisville, KY. That’s roughly 260 miles from where the Drews lived. Now since the Drews have allegedly disappeared that might be where they’ve moved to but I can’t be certain of that without knowing the date that they moved. Another reason I think it’s a fake is that I would like to believe that even Lori Drew, in light of what’s happened, wouldn’t be that stupid or callous to make a blog called ‘Megan Had It Coming’.


Woman Accused Of Setting Up False MySpace Page That Led To Girl’s Suicide Breaks Her Silence:
…it seems that Lori Drew is speaking through her attorney.

But now Drew denies she was even home when the malicious messages were being sent. “She didn’t find out about it until after Megan had taken her own life,” her lawyer Jim Briscoe told a U.S. network.

A police report contends that Drew asked an 18-year-old employee to create the false I.D., but there’s now some confusion about how it actually came into being and who sent the messages. She “did not create the MySpace account,” Briscoe maintains. “She did not instruct anybody to create the MySpace account. She never made any communications through the MySpace account.”

Her lawyer claims Drew is losing business because people are blaming her for the girl’s death and are afraid to be associated with her. Her own neighbours will no longer even talk to her. And if the motive really was to see what was being said about her own child online, that’s backfired, too. “Her daughter has had to drop out of school because of the harassment,” Briscoe reveals.

He claims even if she did have some knowledge about the existence of the site, she wasn’t aware of the kinds of notes being posted to the girl or she would have stopped it. “She wished she did. If she could turn back the clock, that’s the part she would do differently,” he insists.

Cry me a river. The Meiers aren’t buying it and neither am I. The Meiers are planning civil action against the Drews. I guess the Drews will have to come out of their hole eventually.