No justice for Megan Kanka

‘Megan’s Law’ killer escapes death under N.J. execution ban:

The man who raped and killed 7-year-old Megan Kanka — the 1994 crime that inspired “Megan’s Law” — is one of eight men whose sentences were commuted to life in prison this week as part of New Jersey’s new ban on execution.

The Garden State on Monday became the first state in more than three decades to abolish the death penalty after a commission ruled the punishment is “inconsistent with evolving standards of decency.”

Gov. Jon Corzine the day before commuted the sentences of eight men sitting on the state’s death row. They will now serve life in prison without parole, according to the governor’s office.

Among the eight is Jesse Timmendequas, 46, who was sentenced to death in June 1997 for Megan’s murder.

Prosecutors said Timmendequas lured Megan to his home by saying he wanted to show her a puppy. He then raped her, beat her and strangled her with a belt. A day later, he led police to her body.

I would have been content if New Jersey executed this scumbag then abolished the death penalty. Thanks a lot Gov. Corzine for pissing on the grave of Megan Kanka.

NJ Death Penalty Moratorium

N.J. lawmakers vote to suspend executions:

New Jersey lawmakers voted Monday to suspend executions while a task force studies the fairness and costs of imposing the death penalty.

The measure now heads to Gov. Richard J. Codey, who has indicated he will sign it before leaving office on January 17.

So basically New Jersey is putting a moratorium on the death penalty for now. Well, that’s all well and good but you have to actually execute someone before you can have a moratorium. No one has been executed in New Jersey in over 40 years.

“By its action today, the Assembly joins the Senate in signaling deep concern that the state’s death penalty system isn’t working,” said Celeste Fitzgerald, director of New Jerseyans for Alternatives to the Death Penalty.

How do you know it’s not working when you don’t use it?

Do you know who is on New Jersey’s Death Row? Jesse Timmendequas. For those of you who don’t know who Jesse Timmendequas is, he’s the scumbag that raped and killed 7-year-old Megan Kanka, the girl who Megan’s Law was named after. Here’s what the scumbag did to her…

After raping her, Timmendequas killed her by slamming her head onto a dresser and putting a plastic bag on her head. He then strangled her with a belt. He later raped her body in his car. He discarded the body in a toybox and dumped it into a park.

Does that sound like someone who the death penalty was applied to unfairly?

Anyway, don’t act like you’re doing some great humanitarian thing by calling for a moratorium when you haven’t used the damn thing in over 40 years. Use it or don’t use it but don’t act like that New Jersey has been this unstoppable killing machine of the wrongly accused when it hasn’t.

Megan Kanka


Megan Kanka

Megan’s Law mom ponders daughter’s legacy:

Ten years ago today Megan Kanka was killed. In case you don’t know who Megan was she is the little girl who Megan’s Law was named for. She would be 17 if she was alive today. For any of us who lived in Jersey at the time of her death will never forget. Megan’s Law is the law that allows neighborhoods to be notified that there is a sex offender living there. Megan was killed by repeat child molester Jesse Timmendequas. The sad thing is that even though there is a national Megan’s Law that was signed into effect by President Clinton in 1996 it is not uniformly enforced from state to state. According to Megan’s mother, Maureen Kanka who runs the Megan Nicole Kanka Foundation, pedophiles will check to see which states have the weaker laws. This law does need to be enforced uniformly from state to state to try to prevent this from happening again anywhere.

What also kills me is that even though Jesse Timmendequas was sentenced to die, he’s still alive. For those of you who think that executing a piece of scum like Timmendequas is cruel and unusual, read what he did. I’ll put it behind a cut as it’s very disturbing….

Timmendequas lured Megan into his house, across the street from hers, offering to show her a puppy. Megan soon found that there was no puppy. After raping her, he slammed her head onto a dresser, put a plastic bag over her head, and strangled her with a belt. Blood came out of her mouth before she died. He raped her post-mortem after putting her in his car after he drove off. He then stuck her body into a toy box and left it in a nearby county park. A day later, he had led police to the body in the park.


It won’t bring Megan back. It’s not supposed to. It’s supposed to punish the guilty. A scumbag like Timmendequas showed no regard for Megan’s life. Why should we show regard for his? At least Timmendequas had the luxury of a trial. Megan didn’t. Execute him now.