Megan Williams recants torture story, torturers don’t

Megan Williams to recant Logan County sex-torture testimony:

Back in 2007 I posted what in my opinion was one of the top 5 worst stories of all time. It was the story of Megan Williams from West Virginia who was tortured and molested by a group of seven people that she was familiar with. One of which she was romantically involved in. The reason this made national headlines at the time was because Williams is black and her captors were white. However I never cared about the race angle just the justice angle.

The story seems straight out of some melodramatic TV legal show (Law & Order, I’m looking at you). It possibly seemed even too bizarre for TV. All seven of her captors pleaded guilty and were sent to jail.

Now two years later Megan Williams is saying that she made the whole thing up and is recanting her story. When I first read this last week I felt like a tool calling for the heads of her tormentors back when the story first broke. However the more I read the less I felt like a tool.

First off the prosecuting attorney, Brian Abraham, says that no one went to jail on Megan Williams testimony and like I mentioned all the suspects pleaded guilty.

Not good enough for you? Ok, how about the fact that one of the captors, Frankie Brewster, says from prison that it did happen

“It did happen,” Brewster said during the interview at the Lakin Correctional Center, where she is serving 10 to 25 years. “All of us participated.”

Why is Williams recanting her story now? I have no clue. As was mentioned back at the time she is partially mentally handicapped. Not to mention that she doesn’t have the best support group whispering in her ear. May she just wants her ‘boyfriend’ Bobby Brewster back since he was also sent to prison for his role in the torture.

Who knows?

Bobby Brewster pleads guilty

Another Plea Deal in Megan Williams Case:

It’s been a while since there’s been any news about the Megan Williams torture case out of West Virginia. There are so many suspects I’ve lost track of who has been sentenced and who hasn’t.

Bobby Brewster has pleaded guilty to charges of second-degree sexual assault, malicious assault and conspiracy to commit kidnapping or holding hostage. Under the plea he’ll go to prison for at least 13 years and possibly up to 40.

In case you needed a reminder on why this case was so bad here it is…

When Brewster was indicted in February, Logan County Prosecutor Brian Abraham said Brewster stabbed Megan Williams in the leg two or three times, and “by threat of force, coercion or compulsion he required her to perform oral sex [on] his mother, Frankie Brewster.”

And that was only the tip of the scumberg.

Brewster and Burton sentenced

Maximum Sentences In W. Va. Torture Case:

Frankie Brewster and Karen Burton of the Megan Williams torture case have both received maximum sentences for their roles in the crime. Both had pleaded guilty in February.

Brewster received one 10-25 year sentence while Burton was sentenced to three consecutive 2-10 year sentences on assault
charges and a 10-year sentence for a civil rights charge. So in essence Burton is looking at a possible 40 years.

As long as they serve the maximum of those sentences I have no problem with this. Burton would be in her 80’s and Brewster would be in her 70’s.

Frankie Brewster pleads guilty

Fourth pleads guilty in Megan Williams case:

Frankie Brewster has pleaded guilty to the charge of second degree sexual assault. Brewster is just one of many that were indicted in the kidnap and torture case of Megan Williams.

Brewster forced Williams to perform oral sex on her.

Charges of assault during the commission of a felony, kidnapping/holding hostage and conspiracy were dropped in exchange for the plea, Abraham said.

Brewster is looking at 10 to 25 behind bars.

Indictments and guilty pleas in WV torture case

2 plead guilty, 5 others indicted in torture case:

A lot of news coming out of West Virginia lately in the kidnap and torture case of Megan Williams. If you’re not familiar with the case you can see my first post about it here or this search which shows the bulk of the posts related to the case.


A Logan County grand jury handed up indictments Tuesday charging Bobby Brewster, 24; his mother, Frankie Brewster, 49, of Big Creek; Danny Combs, 20, of Harts; Karen Burton, 46, of Chapmanville; and her son, Linnie Burton Jr., in the case.

Two other defendants — Karen Burton’s daughter, 23-year-old Alisha Burton, and 27-year-old George A. Messer — each pleaded guilty Friday to one count of kidnapping and one count of assault during the commission of a felony. Messer and Alisha Burton, both of Chapmanville, were each sentenced to concurrent prison terms of 10 years on the kidnapping charge and 2 to 10 years on the assault charge, Logan County Prosecuting Attorney Brian Abraham said.

Karen Burton is the only defendant charged with a hate crime. She also was indicted on kidnapping and malicious wounding charges.

Burton allegedly used the N-word as she stabbed Williams in the ankle, Abraham said.

Personally I could care less about the color of the victim or the perpetrators. The only thing I care about is justice being served for the sick depraved things these scumbags did to Megan Williams that you only normally see in over the top horror movies.

Guardian sought for Megan Williams

Prosecutor requests guardian for Megan Williams:

Prosecutors in the West Virginia torture case have requested that a legal guardian be appointed to the victim Megan Williams.

Citing records of special education classes, Logan County Prosecutor Brian Abraham requested a guardian ad litem for 20-year-old Megan Williams on Wednesday.

“She may not be competent and realize what is going on,” Abraham told The Logan Banner.

Carmen Williams, Megan’s adoptive mother, has said that her daughter is “slow.”

Abraham also is wary of further media attention, voicing objection to Carmen Williams’ decision to speak to the media from the hospital soon after her daughter’s Sept. 8 rescue. The family also went against his advice and participated in a hate crimes awareness march in Charleston on Nov. 3.

I haven’t been concerning myself over issues of race in this case because to me I just see six criminals who tortured a victim. However if you have been following the race issues in this case, like Belch has, you’ll know that Megan Williams’ mother has not been acting in Megan’s best interest, at least in my opinion.

When you go against the wishes of the prosecutor like she has you have a great chance of tainting the jury pool in either direction.

Was Megan Williams given a chance to leave?

And should it matter?

Torture suspect’s sister says victim given chance to leave:

Christie Messer, the sister of torture suspect George Messer, says that Megan Williams was given the chance to leave but didn’t take it.

Christie Messer said she let Williams out of the bedroom. She gave her the keys to her car and told her to go to the car, but Williams refused to leave, she said.

“She said, ‘I don’t want to go. I love Bobby [Brewster].’

I’ve read reports that said that Megan Williams had a learning disability which may have clouded her judgment but not only that how many times have people done stupid things in the name of love. Anyway, none of that means that she was responsible for her own torture. The Clampetts on crack were still the ones who cut her up, beat her, and molested her and still deserve to be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

Torture victim held captive for a month

Police Say Williams Abused for More Than a Month:

Police are now stating that Megan Williams was held captive for a month, not a week, by the Deliverance Reject Family from West Virginia.

Megan Williams went into the trailer home in Logan County where police say she was raped, beaten and tortured on Aug. 2, according to court testimony heard on Tuesday. Bobby Ray Brewster, 24, one of the six suspects in the case, got out of jail on Aug. 2 on charges he hit and threatened Williams, according to testimony from a Logan County sheriff’s deputy.

So the first thing Cletus does is when he gets out of lock-up is to kidnap somebody.

New charges have been filed as well…

Besides Brewster, the others charged include his mother, 49-year-old Frankie Lee Brewster. Also on Tuesday, the original charges against suspect Frankie Brewster were amended to include first degree sexual assault, giving false information during the commission of a felony, kidnapping and three counts of misdemeanor battery.

More details of the abuse…

During the hearing, prosecuting attorneys presented a fly swatter, a knife and a wooden stick. Lawyers told the court the suspects used the implements to beat Williams. Each impliment had red and brown stains, but they will all be tested to determined what the material is. Deputies also testified that Williams went willingly to the home, but the suspects would later refuse to let her leave.

And more of the family’s stellar record…

The suspects had lengthy criminal records In 1994, Frankie Brewster was indicted on first degree murder charges, but pleaded guilty to voluntary manslaughter in the shooting death of an 84-year old woman. In March of this year, her son Bobby Brewster, was charged with brandishing a deadly weapon. Last year he was charged with battery on a police officer. Combs’ criminal history includes a malicious wounding charge in 2006. Messer has several domestic violence charges, including second offense domestic assault and burglary. Karen Burton and her daughter Alisha have also been arrested on numerous occasions. Karen Burton has been charged with assault on a police officer. Her daughter was charged with domestic assault in May.

It’s amazing that this family of scumbags were even out on the streets.

WV Torture follow up

A ton of news has come out about the kidnapping and torturing of Megan Williams. I’m going to bring you all the “highlights” that I have.

Brewster relative says Frankie and Bobby have had a hard life:

I was wondering how long it would take for this one to come out. Like it could possibly excuse what these monsters did.

Carrie Brewster confirmed that when he was 14, Bobby Brewster was accused of fatally shooting his father, Bisha Tomblin, in 1998. Other than that, the grandmother didn’t want to talk about her grandson’s or daughter’s criminal pasts.

Boo freakin’ Hoo. To me that just means that Bobby Brewster should have been locked up a long time ago.

Magistrate says torture suspect revealed plans to kill victim:

Apparently the Clampetts on Crack were planning on killing Megan Williams.

One of the six defendants charged in the weeklong torture of a Charleston woman allegedly told a magistrate the group planned to take the woman to an area lake and kill her.

Logan County Magistrate Leonard Codispoti says 49-year-old Frankie Brewster blurted out the planned killing during her arraignment this weekend.

Not the sharpest tools in the shed are they?

W.Va. Victim Knew Torture Suspect:

Megan Williams knew at least one of her attackers…

One of the six suspects arrested in the case, Bobby Brewster, had a previous relationship with the victim, Logan County Prosecutor Brian Abraham told The Associated Press. He said Brewster had been charged in July with domestic battery and assault after a domestic dispute involving the same woman.

“She obviously had some sort of social relationship,” Abraham said. “That is based on the fact that she was present at his residence on a prior date.”

I don’t care if they were knockin’ boots. I don’t care that Ms. Williams may not have been willing to get out of an abusive relationship. There is nothing you can say to me that is going to make disparage the victim. What was done to her was not even in the realm of humanity. It was more like being attacked by a pack of wild mangy filthy dogs.

No Hate Crime Charges in Torture Case:

Now before everyone gets their panties in a wad it’s not because authorities believe this wasn’t a hate crime. However the kidnapping and sexual assault charges carry stiffer sentences. While the hate crime statute only carries a max sentence of 10 years the sexual assault statue carries a max of 35 years and the kidnapping statute carries a max of life. Personally I think these rejects from The Texas Chainsaw Massacre should get death but WV does not have the death penalty.

Locals: Torture Suspects Were Trouble:

Surprise surprise. The neighbors weren’t too fond of the white trash De Sade family.

Charlotte and Roy Williams tried to avoid their neighbors, a rowdy bunch who blared music for days on end. But the noise may have been the least of their offenses.

“If I knowed that was happening up there, I would have gone up there myself to try and help that girl,” said Roy Williams, who is not related to Megan Williams.

Police tape remained at the scene in Big Creek, and empty beer cans filled a rusting shopping cart next to the mobile home. An empty TV dinner tray collected rainwater near the front door.

Like many in Big Creek, Roy Williams, 61, and his wife, Charlotte, 49, avoided the property.

“We know everyone over here in this area – except them,” Charlotte Williams said. “We didn’t want to know them.”

Since 1991, police have filed 108 criminal charges against the six.

Frankie Brewster was charged in 1994 with first-degree murder, but pleaded guilty to lesser charges of manslaughter and wanton endangerment. She was released from prison in 2000 after serving five years in the death of an 84-year-old woman, court records show.

Bobby Brewster was accused in March of attacking his mother with a machete, according to court records. The outcome of those charges domestic assault, brandishing a deadly weapon and obstructing an officer – was not immediately clear.

He also faces domestic battery and assault charges after a dispute involving Megan Williams in July. A court date has not yet been set.

The Brewsters were constantly fighting, drinking and disrupting the otherwise quiet hollow in southern West Virginia, Roy and Charlotte Williams said.

“Sometimes we’d hear music playing really loud,” Charlotte Williams said. “We could tell you what the words to the song was, it was so clear. It would go for three or four days, 24 hours a day sometimes.”

Quite literally the neighbors from hell. I hope they go back there soon.