Man from Wilmerding charged with multiple molestations may have used MeetMe

Wilmerding man charged with sexual assault of teens:

Allegheny County police charge Wilmerding man in sexual assaults of teenagers of both genders:

Melvin Amodeo

Melvin Amodeo

Here we go again with MeetMe and Pennsylvania. For those of you just joining us is the former What was once a site designed to be a safe haven for teens has since been changed into a meat market for singles. Since the virtual demise of MySpace, MeetMe has been one of the go to places where predators go to target underage victims.

For example we have 25-year-old Melvin Amodeo of Wilmerding (not making that up), Pennsylvania. For some reason, at least through anecdotal evidence, Pennsylvania seems to have an inordinate number of MeetMe predators. Pennsylvania is also the home state of MeetMe. Amodeo is accused of molesting three underage victims, two girls and one boy, through online means including social networking and a messaging app. Amodeo allegedly used Facebook, MeetMe, and the mobile messaging app Kik to groom his victims. In one instance he even allegedly trotted out the creeper mantra of “Age is just a number.”

Police say they also found hundreds of child porn images on Amodeo’s home computer. Police also believe he may have more victims.

Kik is just an instant messaging app for smart phones but parents should be aware of it to see who is messaging their kids.