MySpace pimp facing federal charges

Feds hit MySpace pimp suspect with child sex trafficking charge:

I’ve posted about Malvin Parker Jr. before. He’s the guy from California who was arrested for allegedly pimping out an underage girl he groomed on MySpace. Well he just found himself in a whole new world of trouble. He’s now looking at 10 to life on federal charges of sex trafficking children.

The federal government has an interest in the case because Parker allegedly enticed the victim, a 16-year-old runaway from Washington state, across state lines through MySpace, a social networking site. Federal law prohibits using “force, fraud or coercion” to get a minor across state or national boundaries to engage in a “commercial sex act.”

As the kids say these days…Oh snap!!!

Alleged pimp pleads not guilty

MySpace pimp suspect pleads not guilty:

I originally posted about Melvin Parker Jr. here. He’s the 32-year-old California “man” who is accused of luring a 16-year-old girl over MySpace into prostituting for him. he has pleaded not guilty to pimping the girl out.

The case began last month when San Rafael police saw the girl trolling for sexual customers in the Canal Area. The girl, a runaway from Washington state, told police she arrived in the Bay Area on Aug. 3 to see a man she had met on, the social networking site. After she arrived, the man threatened to harm her family if she did not work for him as a prostitute.

Working with police, the girl arranged to meet the man at Burger King in the Canal area. Police arrested Parker when he showed up.

Yet he pleaded not guilty. Criminals never fail to crack me up.

Parker is due back in court on October 9th.