Backpage child pimp accused of raping 15-year-old runaway

Backpage child pimp accused of raping 15-year-old runaway

Courtney D. Johnson

Just because Backpage is embroiled in a legal battle for survival with the U.S. Congress doesn’t mean it’s still not a major avenue for the online sexual slavery of women and children.

For example, 28-year-old Courtney D. Johnson was arrested in Memphis, Tennessee, for allegedly prostituting a 15-year-old runaway girl on Backpage. It wasn’t bad enough that Johnson was turning the girl out online, but when the girl said she didn’t want to work for Johnson anymore, he reportedly beat her and raped her. Johnson is also said to have instructed the girl to lie about her age. He also kept all the money the girl made.

Not to beat a dead horse, but so much for consenting adults that I’m constantly being told about. Anyone with a burner phone and a gift card can traffic someone on Backpage. Yet somehow, Backpage continues to argue that the peddling of human beings into sexual slavery is their right to free speech.

Aniston Walker died from 'homicidal violence' according to autopsy

Andrea Walker and her late daughter Aniston.

Baby Aniston died due to ‘homicidal violence,’ medical examiner says:

For those of you who may not remember. 7-week-old Aniston Walker disappeared from her Memphis, Tennessee, home back in January. Her egg donor, Andrea Walker said that she left the baby home alone with her 3-year-old while she took her 5-year-old to school. Aniston’s body was found more than a month after her disappearance and her mother was charged with murder.

Recently the Medical Examiner’s office released the details of Aniston’s autopsy. It doesn’t specify a cause of death other than saying that Aniston died from homicidal violence.

“Internal examination reveals no evidence of injuries or disease that would result in death. Toxicology analysis results are consistent with postmortem changes; neither drugs nor medications were identified,” Shelby County Medical Examiner Dr. Karen Chancellor wrote in the autopsy report. “In my opinion, this death resulted from intentional violence of undetermined type. The manner of death is homicide.”

I compared this story before to being somewhat similar to the Casey Anthony debacle. I hope with this cause of death being somewhat unspecified that we won’t have a repeat outcome.

UPDATE 3/7/2017: Andrea Walker has pleaded guilty to reckless homicide and received a suspended sentence of four years and four years probation. It’s more than likely that due to the fact that medical examiners could not pinpoint an exact cause of death that this deal was offered.

Memphis man killed in craigslist car deal

Three Charged With Murder Of Man Trying To Sell Car On Craigslist:

Third suspect charged in murder of man trying to sell car:


The list of craigslist killers keeps growing at an alarming rate. This time three more names have been added to that list.

In Memphis, Tennessee, 37-year-old Larry Wilkins was trying to sell his 2006 Mustang on craigslist. Police say he met up with some potential buyers shortly before Midnight on March 9th. Instead of selling his car Wilkins was shot and killed and his car stolen. Those charged in his murder are Brandon Vance, 21, Martiness Henderson, 17, and Walter Collins, 17.

One day when the website is exactly the way I want it I’ll have list of all the craigslist killers and victims but if I had to take a guess I’d say we’re in the dozens of killers by now.

UPDATE 5/5/2014: Henderson and Collins have been charged as adults.

UPDATE 1/15/2015: All three suspects have been indicted on first-degree murder charges.

UPDATE 2/12/2016: Brandon Vance has been convicted of first degree murder.

UPDATE 3/10/2016: Henderson was convicted of first-degree murder and was sentenced to life. The article also mentions that Vance has also been sentenced to life.

UPDATE 7/31/2016: Collins has been convicted and sentenced to life.

UPDATE 3/12/2018: Henderson’s conviction has been vacated after it was ruled the trial judge improperly ended jury selection because potential jurors were having their cars booted. The Tennessee Court of Criminal Appeals ruled Henderson should get a new trial.

Aniston Walker's body found, Andrea Walker arrested

Andrea Walker and her late daughter Aniston.

Baby found in ditch confirmed to be Aniston Walker:


Yesterday Memphis police believe they have found the body of 7-week-old Aniston Walker who was reported missing weeks ago. The baby’s body was found in a ditch wearing the onesie that she was last described wearing. Police indicate that the body had been there for a while.

Aniston’s Breeder, Andrea Walker, originally told police that she left Aniston with her 3-year-old while she walked her 5-year-old to school and when she returned Aniston was gone. Andrea Walker has been charged with first degree murder.

I started taking an interest in stories like this during the Casey Anthony debacle. I felt there were similar stories that demanded just as much if not more attention. Having said that let me say something to anyone out there thinking they can pull something off like this, you can’t. Casey Anthony is what’s known as a statistical anomaly. She was the exception to the rule. You can’t just make a baby disappear like that, you will be found out and you will be caught.

Instead of taking the coward’s way in dealing with your problems with parenthood how about reaching out instead. Reach out to your family or to a charity organization or some other resource designed to assist people in those situations. Murdering the most defenseless of our society helps no one and only plants the seed of the idea in other cowards.

7 week old TN baby disappears into thin air, Breeder arrested

Andrea Walker and her daughter Aniston.

Police Call-Off Search For Missing Baby:

Family And Friends Of Mother Of Missing Baby Talk About Abuse Charges:

I apologize for not posting this story sooner as I just found out about it today thanks to Krystal who sent in the tip.

A few weeks ago in Memphis, Tennessee, then 7-week-old Aniston Walker went missing. Her mother, Andrea Walker, claims that she walked her 5-year-old to school and left Aniston alone with her 3-year-old. When she returned she says, the baby was gone even though the home was locked and there were no signs of forced entry.

Police in Memphis suspended the search after 3 days even though they are still investigating her disappearance. Meanwhile Andrea Walker is believed to have had something to do with her daughter’s disappearance and has been arrested on neglect and abuse charges. Police say that Andrea Walker has been uncooperative and has allegedly given conflicting stories. The only thing missing from this story is that she Walker hasn’t claimed to have given the baby to a fictional person.

Nothing will bring a community together like a missing child. Complete strangers will drop whatever they’re doing and volunteer to assist police in the search. Nothing will turn a community against you faster than lying about that child’s disappearance. Eventually they will find Aniston and more than likely, I hate to say, deceased. Do yourself and everyone a favor, talk now so the baby can be put to rest.

Traffic stop busts craigslist child pimp and rapist

Cartez Horne

Seatbelt stop leads to rape, sex trafficking charges:

Police in Memphis, Tennessee recently pulled over 23-year-old Cartez Horne for not wearing his seatbelt. Not exactly newsworthy but it’s what police found in the car that is.

There was a 16-year-old girl riding in the car with Horne whom he allegedly admitted to having a ‘sexual relationship’ with. Age of consent in Tenn. is 18 with the provision that allows minors aged 13–17 to engage in sexual acts with partners less than 4 years older. Horne here does not meet that qualification so it’s a case of alleged rape. Statutory but still rape. The fun doesn’t end there though.

This scumbag was also allegedly prostituting her on backp….no wait, he was prostituting her on craigslist. You know, the classifieds site that supposedly got rid of all the sex trafficking on their site but didn’t.

So he’s a pimp and a rapist. Surprise people, most pimps usually are rapists. It’s one of the weapons in their arsenal they use to keep their women, or in this case girls, to keep working for them.

Still no outrage from most of the public, politicians or media though. I guess they think that a girl who legally can not consent to sex is old enough to make the decision on her own to sell herself as a sexual slave.

The more we stay quiet the more the problem will continue to grow.

Shakara Dickens admits to killing her daughter during sentencing hearing

Shakara Dickens

Shakara Dickens

Mother who killed her baby: ‘I put my hands over her nose and mouth’:

I originally posted about Shakara Dickens here. She was the Memphis Breeder who, in the vein of a certain Florida trailer trash attention whore, reported her daughter missing when in reality 9-month-old Lauryn Dickens was dead. Back in March Dickens was convicted of Lauryn’s murder. This past week at her sentencing hearing she admitted to every detail.

She said that she was frustrated that she couldn’t find a baby sitter and started crying. Then Lauryn started crying. Instead of comforting her which is what most normal mothers do she put her hand over Lauryn’s nose and mouth until she passed out. She removed her hand and Lauryn started crying again and Dickens continued to suffocate her.

When Lauryn was dead Dickens put her body in a trash bag and threw it in a dumpster two apartment complexes away. She didn’t go back to the dumpster but watched as the dumpster was emptied.

It looks like she’s only going to get 19 years and time served.

I guess we’re supposed to feel sorry for her since she came clean at sentencing. Not on your life sister. At any time you had the chance to either stop what you were doing before Lauryn died or at least told police where she was before she was dumped into a Memphis landfill. Instead you handed the police a lot of bullshit and had your family run interference for you.

I’m glad that you got that off your conscience but it’s too little too late.

Lace her up and get her ready for the track

Marvell Culp Jr.

Marvell Culp Jr.

No bond set for Cordova man in sex trafficking case:

23-year-old Marvell Antonio Culp Jr. of Cordova, Tennessee has been ordered held without bond for allegedly trafficking a 15-year-old runaway girl on the Village Voice Media owned What did Culp do that deserved being held without bond? I’ll let the article from the Memphis Commercial Appeal do the talking as I would only butcher it. So I hope the Commercial Appeal will indulge me in going a little over fair use…

A Cordova man required the young women to take two showers a day, to brush their teeth three times daily, to clean the motel room each morning and to hand copy his written rules that included the pledge “I will be the best ho I can be.”

The FBI agent who testified to that Friday added that if Marvell Antonio Culp Jr. had to tell them twice, the result would be “a swim and meet Newport.”

Translation, the agent said: a hot shower and cigarette burns.

The teenage girl told authorities she was taken to a motel on Lamar where Culp ordered an 18-year-old woman with him to dress her in lingerie and take a photograph of her that was posted at under the escort section.

“He said ‘lace her up’ and ‘get her ready for the track,'” FBI special agent Jaime Corman testified in the 90-minute detention hearing. “Culp made her walk the prostitution track on Lamar and told her not to come back with less than $300. He gave her four condoms and watched her from a car and followed her on her ‘dates.’

Federal prosecutor Steve Parker introduced a list of Culp’s written rules the women were required to follow. Parker said the rules were verified by an expert to be in Culp’s handwriting.

Rule number three read, “I will make as much money as I can for Daddy Tonio to invest in our family.”

Culp initially was charged with state offenses and was held in the Shelby County Jail where he made some 70 telephone calls, including some on which he is heard making threats against the girl, agent Corman said.

“He said if he had a gun he’d have homicide on his mind,” said the FBI agent who listened to the tapes. “He said if he did (get a gun), he’d be ‘pow-pow.’ He also said if they let him out (of jail) he’d be gone.”

This is not some isolated incident either. This is going on every day in just about every city in this country. This is nothing more than slavery and the last time I checked that was abolished by the Constitution around 150 years ago. Culp is just one of the many new slave holders.

Of course there wouldn’t be as many as these teenage victims if it wasn’t for that bastion of free speech, backpage. Again this shows that there so-called screening process is almost non-existent. And while they’re busy defending the trafficking of women and children as their first amendment rights they’re completely ignoring the 13th Amendment.

Neither slavery nor involuntary servitude, except as a punishment for crime whereof the party shall have been duly convicted, shall exist within the United States, or any place subject to their jurisdiction.

If there was any justice in this world not only would these pimps be subject to slavery as a punishment for their crimes but so would the powers that be at Village Voice Media. I would settle for the VVM big wigs getting laced up and walking the track of the prison yard.

Memphis pair charged with pimping teen girls on backpage

Kala Bray

Kala Bray

Pair charged with prostituting teenage girls:

In Memphis 18-year-old Kala Bray and Vincent “Pistol Pete” Jones, age unknown, have been charged with prostituting two underage girls on the Village Voice Media owned

The victims are ages 15 and 16 and while Jones allegedly acted as pimp Bray is accused of taking the girls to Houston where she drugged them up before making them work.

After the pair were arrested they met up with one of the girls again forcing her to work for them again.

Bray has pleaded guilty and is facing a possible life sentence although I doubt she’ll get that.

There’s an old saying that says if you’re not part of the solution you’re part of the problem. Village Voice Media and backpage are definitely part of the problem no matter how many so-called safeguards are in place.

Memphis Catholic school teacher charged with MySpace rape of boy

Jose Garcia

Jose Garcia

Teacher arrested for rape of teen in 2009:

Catholic School Employee Accused of Having Sex With Student:

Yesterday Memphis police arrested 31-year-old Jose Garcia for allegedly having sex (child rape) with a 15-year-old boy that he approached on MySpace.

Garcia allegedly had sex with the student from Bishop Byrne High School after approaching the boy on MySpace in February of 2009. The ‘sex’ allegedly took place in the Junior Hall of the school. It wasn’t reported until 2010 and Garcia was eventually arrested in 2011.

Garcia was suspended and barred from the school at the time of the initial complaint.

He’s kind of ‘pretty’. He’s going to be real popular inside.