So I’ve got this great new idea for a band…


So I’ve had this idea for a new band in my head for a while now. For heavy metal bands one of the most used clichés is to either be satanic or bitch about Christianity. The last person to do this successfully was Marilyn Manson. My idea is to be equally controversial but in reverse.

The name of the band would be something like Inquisitor or Opus Dei or something along those lines. Their gimmick would be that they would claim that they are a hardcore group of Christians. Kind of like how GWAR claims to be from Antarctica. And when I say hardcore I mean 15th century hardcore. They would have songs like “Burn the Witches”, “Ode to Torquemada” and “Convert the Heathens”.

In today’s politically correct and easily offended society it would be sure to cause controversy and controversy sells.