Sodomy is ok as long as you’re affiliated with a church

Hazing Charged Dropped on Technicality:

Thanks to BadJocks for the link.

Remember the hazing incident at Methodist College in Fayetteville, NC? You know the one. Sodomy with a Sharpie. Well, the charges have been dropped after lawyers argued the charges violated the separation of church and state.

According to the article, since the school is a religious institution, the campus police cannot enforce state law. What the hell kind of reasoning is that? If you follow that logic then priests can molest all sorts of kids as long as it’s on church property.

Why do I get the feeling the judge hearing this case is an ex-jock. These kids should be in jail for rape, point blank.

Sharpie Sodomy

Methodist football player says hazing was humiliating:

Thanks again to for this one. The football player who was sodomized by his teammates with a Sharpie has finally spoken out about it. What really pissed me off was the “punishment” that was handed down by Methodist College towards the rapists. According to the article…

Methodist officials have punished five of the seven players.

Punishments range from suspension and psychological counseling to unspecified monetary fines. The two other players are required to undergo counseling, said Cynthia Curtis, a Methodist spokeswoman.

Excuse me??? Why weren’t expulsions handed down? Sodomizing anyone with any object against their will is rape. They need to be expelled and arrested. Just put them in a state pen for just one day and they’ll be sodomized by all sorts of objects.