Backpage prostitute lived in fear from her trafficker

Backpage prostitute lived in fear from her trafficker

Michael Miller

55-year-old Michael Miller of Arizona was arrested in Miami for allegedly prostituting a woman on Backpage and violently assaulting her. Miller is said to have been romantically involved with the woman in Arizona when he reportedly talked her in to prostituting herself on Backpage. By the time she realized she was just another body to sell for Miller it was already too late.

Miller allegedly choked her and punched her in the face while trafficking her all over the country. He reportedly turned her out at high trafficked events like the Super Bowl and New Year’s Eve. While in Miami, the woman said she was too tired to work, but Miller beat her and made her work anyway. Luckily, at one point, the victim was able to contact her family who contacted Miami police who arrested Miller.

Once again, this woman is another victim who supporters of Backpage will tell you doesn’t exist. They’ll try to tell you they don’t know anyone who’s trafficked, and that they don’t know any pimps. I guess this is a woman they didn’t know. More than likely they know a lot of victims like this woman but choose not to care. Women like this are being trafficked all over the country on Backpage. Don’t let anyone try to tell you differently.

Just more proof that it’s business as usual at Backpage

Just more proof that it's business as usual at Backpage

Don’t believe the hype

I just wanted to share this article from the Miami Herald about how Backpage is still making money from sex ads while crying government persecution.

The Herald talked to a woman who still uses Backpage to advertise her services for sex…

A scan of Miami’s site quickly uncovers dozens of women and men like Abigail, who have simply hung their sex business shingle in new places on the site. Now, with the “adult” category gone, she posts ads on the “women seeking men” dating section.

And she posts a lot.

And to anyone who points out to me that the woman in the article doesn’t have a pimp…

“I obviously love the money. It honestly has become an addiction.”

Greed is a pimp and it makes Backpage one, especially considering how much they profit off of sexual slavery.

Florida woman in coma after brutal attack by craigslist roommate

Byron Mitchell

Byron Mitchell

I don’t consider the following story a craigslist crime per se. To me a craigslist crime is one where craigslist was instrumental in helping a criminal locate a victim. However due to the level of brutality that took place I couldn’t just ignore this story.

In Miami Danielle Jones has been brutally beaten and stabbed and is currently in a coma clinging to life. Even more sad is that she may not make it. Police believe the perpetrator to be Jones’ roommate 35-year-old Byron Mitchell. Mitchel responded to Jones craigslist ad for a roommate.

Police say that a week after Mitchell moved in he assaulted Jones by beating her and cutting her face. She sustained multiple lacerations and face and skull fractures. She is currently on a ventilator. Mitchell, who allegedly owns a health and fitness business, is claiming the attack was self-defense. Personally I get the feeling that a health and fitness owner could defend himself from a 23-year-old woman without putting her in a coma.

Danielle Jones’ family had posted the pictures of Danielle lying in her hospital bed on a GoFundMe page for Danielle. The injuries are horrific and looked more like a sadistic beating than any kind of self-defense.

Jones’ own mother is now trying to warn people about getting roommates on craigslist and I couldn’t agree more. I have posted more than a few stories where victims have ended up dead or assaulted by craigslist roommates whether it be the person placing the ad or the one responding to it.

No matter how you use craigslist it has devolved into the internet’s largest game of Russian Roulette.

UPDATE 2/21/2016: Danielle Jones has opened her eyes but doctors are afraid that she may have extensive brain damage from the vicious attack.

UPDATE 3/3/2016: This past Tuesday Mitchell was denied bond. The same article also states that investigators believe that Mitchell allegedly tried to cut off Ms, Jones’ lips and eyelids during the vicious attack.

On an even more distressing note members of Ms. Jones’ family are saying that she may not ever see again.

“Her eyes have hemorrhaged because he strangled her so badly. The doctors are saying she might not be able to see,” her cousin, Kaitlin Cabot, told Inside Edition.

UPDATE 3/11/2016: Danielle Jones has come out of her coma after 24 days.

UPDATE 3/19/2016: Danielle Jones is now speaking as well.

If you’d like you can make donations for her medical expenses at her GoFundMe page.

The craigslist pregnancy story isn’t as unusual as it seems

Justin Robert Muoio

Justin Robert Muoio

There’s been a story making the rounds in the ‘strange news’ websites. It’s been on FARK and I’ve heard it on several morning radio shows. It’s the story about how 32-year-old Justin Robert Muoio of the Miami area prostituted a pregnant woman on craigslist to ‘fetishists’.

Muoio is accused of turning out the woman since 2009 and once she became pregnant he didn’t allow that to interfere with his money-making. Police say that he also kept all of her money and would frequently keep her imprisoned and even had his mother keep watch on her.

Unfortunately stories like this are not as unusual or strange as you might expect. Women like this are frequently forced into prostitution every day on craigslist and Backpage and never make the news and yes sometimes they are pregnant.

At least hopefully this story can help shed light on the plight of all victims of sex trafficking and that it still exists on craigslist.

Man posing as craigslist photographer charged with rape

Man posing as photographer on Craigslist charged:

Man posing as photographer on Craigslist strangled and raped aspiring models in a Miami forest:

Anthony Molina-Iglesias

Sexual predators love to prey upon the vanity of their victims. Going back to the days of old MySpace I’ve lost count of how many predators used some form of what I call the modeling scam in order to gain access to their victims. Ages of the victims have run from pre-teens to women in their 20s. Allegedly 30-year-old Anthony Molina-Iglesias of Miami is no stranger to this particular ploy.

Molina-Iglesias has been charged with rape after allegedly luring two women to a secluded area after promising them a free modeling photo shoot on craigslist. After he took the women to his chosen spot he choked one until she passed out bound her with zip ties and raped her. He choked and bound the second woman as well but did not rape her. A third victim has also come forward stating that he raped her in a similar manner.

Allow me to address all the aspiring models out there. Craigslist is no place to find a photographer and I’ll tell you why. It doesn’t cost anything to place an ad on craigslist. Anyone can place an ad on craigslist saying that they’re a modeling agent, talent scout, photographer or whatever. That doesn’t necessarily make it true. The lower the level of entry the more suspect the person can be. Also don’t think craigslist is screening these potential predators. They’re not even lifting a finger.

Backpage child pimp had his name tattooed across girl’s eyelids

Roman Thomas III

Roman Thomas III

Police: Miami pimp forced teen to tattoo his name on her eyelids:

Earlier this month Miami police arrested Roman Thomas III for allegedly prostituting a 13-year-old girl on Backpage. Police say he did this while on probation for having sex (child rape) with a minor. Reports say that he was wearing an ankle monitor at the time of his most recent arrest.

When the 13-year-old girl tried to leave Thomas he took her to a flea market and the phrase ‘Suave House’ tattooed across her eyelids. Suave is Thomas’ street name while house indicates that she is his ‘property’. Before I go on a lot of pimps have their victims tattooed as their property. If they’re not already any tattoo parlor caught doing this should be prosecuted as aiding and abetting. No legitimate tattoo parlor would ever tattoo a 13-year-old girl.

Police say that Thomas also supplied the girl with drugs and liquor and threatened her with violence in an incident where she was duct taped after some money went missing.

If you think that this isn’t typical behavior for pimp or trafficker you’d be wrong. In a lot of stories that I post the victims of these traffickers end up brutally beaten, maimed or worse. If you’re looking for somewhere to point the finger at I would suggest since they’re the ones who are not only allowing these underage and abused girls to be advertised on their site but they’re making money from it as well. They make money from every underage girl who is turned out on their site. They make money from the pimps and trafficking lowlifes that beat, rape and torture these girls if they don’t submit to their every whim. Is this the kind of business we want operating anywhere in the world? I sure as hell don’t and neither should you.

Investigators say they believe there are other young victims out there and have established a hotline. Anyone with information may call the Miami-Dade State Attorney’s Human Trafficking Hotline at 305-350-5567.

Thanks to Adrianne for the tip.

VampireFreaks predator rapes teen while out on bond for child porn

Nelson Carrizo in prison jumpsuit and as an emo douche.

Nelson Carrizo in prison jumpsuit and as an emo douche.

Cops say man lured teen for sex using vampire website:

30-year-old Nelson Carrizo of the Miami-Dade area pleaded guilty to 10 counts of child porn back in October. A court-ordered shrink said that Carrizo was of no danger to society. Carrizo was sentenced to 50 years but through his plea deal he was only going to serve 3 years in prison with 10 years probation. Also he was allowed out on bond so he could enjoy the holidays before going to prison. He surrendered himself to authorities on January 9th of this year.

While out on bond enjoying the holidays police say that Carrizo ‘had sex’ with a 16-year-old girl that he had met in the goth social network VampireFreaks. The article does it better justice than I can about how screwed up this is.

Days earlier, according to a search warrant filed in Miami-Dade circuit court, Palm Beach County deputies found a 16-year-old girl in a local gym trying to slash her wrists with her own fingernails.

Deputies committed the girl to a hospital for a psychological evaluation. Investigators soon learned that her parents had found explicit text messages and photos on her phone.

The teen revealed that she had first met Carrizo on VampireFreaks in June 2012 — two years after the man had been arrested for child porn. They knew each other’s true age, the girl told detectives.

Over the months, Carrizo “asked her several times if she was a cop and if this was a setup,” the warrant said. She sent him nude photos to prove she was not.

Then in December — two months after he had pleaded guilty — Carrizo began urging her to come to Miami for sex.

And I kid you not, the 30-year-old Carrizo is said to have lived with his mother and allegedly had the girl sneak in while his mom was asleep. A lot of these online creepers always seem to have a Norman Bates vibe around them. Not to mention that anyone that’s 30-years-old on VF is suspect to me anyway.

Seriously though this guy obviously he knew what he was doing was wrong since he kept asking if this was a setup. Too bad the court ordered shrink assessment was completely wrong. Scum like this should not be afforded any special luxuries like being able to turn themselves in at a later date. It’s not like returning a library book (ask your parents what that means). Once a pedo always a pedo and they should be treated as such.

From the mouth of Liz McDougall III

Liz McDougall

Liz McDougall

So what do you think? Should I give Liz McDougall’s picture the Jim Buckmaster treatment?

Girl at another Florida foster home also lured into prostitution:

This article from the Miami Herald is about a 16-year-old girl at a foster home who was lured away and allegedly turned out on the Village Voice Media owned by Gregory Goellet Hodge Jr. That’s not what I want to talk to you about though. Once again the head legal weasel mouthpiece for Backpage and all around corporate whore, Liz McDougall, has opened up her gaping maw once again about how great Backpage is for stopping the sex trafficking of children.

Liz McDougall, general counsel for Village Voice Media, said the company screens ads in its adult section twice before they go up, once by a computer and once by a person, and a third time after the ads are published looking for signs of illegal activity. Once they’ve been notified of a law enforcement investigation, they immediately cooperate, she said.

In my opinion the ads are probably being screened by a TRS-80, an intern, then left to the non-existent community policing. I wonder how much money it takes to get Liz McDougall to believe her own lies? I can hardly go a week without posting about a minor girl who was being trafficked on Backpage. Just imagine how many more never make it to the news that are being peddled into sexual slavery under the watchful eye of Joey the creepy intern and his 30-year-old computer.

Enrique Alard arrested for craigslist rape of teen boy

Man Accused Of Craigslist Sexual Assault:

Cops: Man Lured Teen Into Sex Assault on Craigslist:

Hey Jim Buckmaster. I want you to see what is taking place on the ‘personal ads’ that you refuse to do anything about.

26-year-old Enrique Alard of Miami, Florida has been charged with forcing a 14-year-old boy to perform a sex act on him. Where I come from that’s considered rape.

Alard met the boy through a craigslist personal ad. For right now let’s get past the part that no parent should ever let their 14-year-old be on craigslist.

You tout your community policing and claim that you’re under some kind of religious attack to have the personals shut down but this is the real reason they should be shut down.

A child was raped through your site and yet you continue to act like your site is doing the world a favor.

Are you honestly that clueless or are you just that greedy?

I know craigslist knows that this blog exists. It’s my hope that one of your toadies bring it to your attention to see what you have wrought.

Another craigslist killer strikes

Brandon Jefferson

Brandon Jefferson

Back in November 48-year-old Bob Tombo was shot and killed in a Miami parking lot. Now it’s being released that Mr. Tombo was trying to sell a Rolex on craigslist when he was killed.

A man shot and killed him at point-blank range and took off with the watch.

20-year-old Brandon Jefferson (pictured) has been arrested in connection with the murder. Jefferson was allegedly the man who talked to Mr. Tombo on the phone and lured him to the parking lot. However he claims he was not the shooter who is still at large.

Off the top of my head I believe this brings the number of craigslist related murders up to 10.

Congratulations Jim. The body count from your website is at least in double digits now.

How’s that blood money working for you?

Remove the anonymity and you remove the scum.