Craigslist teen fantasy turned to federal arrest

Sellersville man charged with allegedly attempting to coerce a minor after posting ‘teen fantasy’ Craigslist ad:

Camp Counselor Charged After Posting ‘Teen Fantasy’ Ad:

39-year-old Michael Barndt of Sellersville, Pennsylvania was recently arrested by the Department of Homeland Security for allegedly trying to solicit a child for sex through craigslist. Investigators say that Barndt placed an ad entitled “Real Teen Fantasy — 34 (Bucks)” that included that he was looking for a “girl next door teen with a naughty side.”

Barndt received a response from a 14-year-old girl and after sending her pictures of his junk set up a meeting at a hotel room in Wilmington, Delaware where he was instead greeted by the DHS.

Just another day on Craigslist. How many predators like this are actually meeting girls and not getting caught since craigslist refuses to do anything about it?

UPDATE 3/3/2014: Barndt was recently sentenced to 10 years in prison. Remember kids, the fantasy is never worth the reality.