Tool uses a Tool

Father Accused Of Attacking Family Over Unplugged Cord:

27-year-old Michael Hill of Grandview, Missouri was arrested for going berserk on his family with a power cord.

According to police his 8-year-old daughter tripped over a power cord that I’m assuming by the article was charging a rechargeable tool. The next day when Hill saw that the power cord was unplugged he started beating his 11-year-old son. That’s when his daughter said that she did it by accident and Hill began beating her with a vacuum cleaner power cord allegedly cutting the back of her head. Then when the kids’ stepmother stepped in she got beat as well.

The suspect claimed that he has anger problems and was off his meds. As someone who is on meds let me give you a word of advice. If they work DON’T STOP TAKING THEM YOU DUMBASS.

Thanks to Lady Jade (not my wife) for the tip.