Timeline in Brooke Bennett's disappearance

Details in police’s case reveal chilling, devious planning by victim’s uncle:

This is an article from the Barre Montpelier Times Argus that details the timeline of Michael Jacques planned kidnapping of Brooke Bennett. It also shows what kind of scumbag Jacques really is.

First Jacques was using two different online personas to communicate with an underage girl that he was abusing. The first one was simply ‘E’ and the second one was Rauel Domingo. Domingo is not a third suspect as some blogs would have you believe. One of things he told the girl was he was hunting wild zebra in Africa. To me that sounds like some kind of code.

Jacques and the juvenile plotted on how to lure Bennett away.

Jacques ordered $1,033.45 in sex toys.

Another underage female says that she will participate in the ‘tie down’.

Jacques emailed one of the girls asking her to collect her boyfriend’s semen in order to throw police off the trail once Brooke disappears.

According to the report Jacques altered Brooke’s MySpace before she was abducted.

Ray Gagnon then logged into Brooke’s MySpace and changed the password.

When Jacques reported that he found some of Brooke’s clothes police also found blood and semen which they now believe Jacques planted.

Those are just some of the lowlights that Jacques and Gagnon are accused of committing.

How elaborate this whole scheme was just sickens me and anything less than the death penalty for Jacques would be an injustice.