Anti-bullying video pulled by school district in wake of Sparks Middle School shooting

Washoe district stops showing anti-bullying video ‘Teen Truth’:

Someone thought this was a good idea

Someone thought this was a good idea

Back in October when 12-year-old Jose Reyes shot and killed teacher Michael Landsberry and himself at Sparks Middle School there was a story that went around that Reyes may have been influenced by an anti-bullying video that depicted a school shooting. At the time the school district denied any knowledge of such video. Now the school district is pulling the video that they had no previous knowledge of.

The movie entitled ‘Teen Truth’ not only depicts a fictional school shooting that was caused by bullying but also showed the infamous security cam footage from Columbine.

Now I’m not here to debate whether or not this video actually influenced Reyes or not. Reyes might have already been a mutant prior to the video. What I am here to say is that this video is flawed and never should have been showed to the kids in the first place because not only was Columbine not caused by bullying, the majority of school shootings in this country were not caused by bullying.

This sounds like some company that wanted to make a fast buck since it was was purchased through a grant from U.S. Department of Education. The government will give a grant to just about any damn thing.

Not to mention as I’ve said many times before bullying is not a justification for mass murder. I was bullied mercilessly when I was in school. Looking back I wish I had stood up to them instead of fearing them. Your school years may seem like forever but in reality they’re just a blip on the overall timeline of your life. Don’t let your bullies define you.

I’m going to see if I can find this movie and give it a proper review.

Sparks Middle shooter was a 12-year-old mutant


Nevada school shooter had photos of Columbine gunmen on his phone, left 2 suicide notes:

Chilling details, no motive in Nev. school shooting:

For those of you who may not remember back in October of last year 12-year-old Jose Reyes took a gun to Sparks Middle School in Sparks, Nevada and ended up shooting and killing teacher Michael Landsberry and himself. Recently the Sparks police released a 1300 page report about the shootings.

Now normally I don’t blame these shootings on video games and I’m not now but look at some of the video games this 12-year-old had…

Forty-seven of the 69 video games in the boy’s collection were “violent themed first-person shooter or shooter type games” such as “grand Theft Auto V,” ”Assassins Creed” and “Call of Duty 4.”

Who the hell gets these kind of games for a 12-year-old? These are all M-rated games in the US which means they’re not suitable for anyone under 17. While I’m all for adults being able to play any video game they want if a 12-year-old is exposed to violent games like this it can warp their mind in regards to violence. That’s why they have the ratings but the ratings are only as good as the player’s parents.

Speaking of parents, this is actually not surprising considering that it was his parents’ gun that he used and the only excuse they’ve given is they didn’t know that he knew they had a gun. When I was 12 I knew everything that my dad had and where he hid it. Luckily for both of us they were only a couple of vintage Playboys but 12-year-olds know more of your secrets than you think they do. By the way the Reyes’ are not being charged with any crime even though their gun was unlocked and easily accessible.

What strikes me most about this report is that Reyes was in fact a mutant. Again, that’s my term for a fanboy of the Columbine shooters. Reyes had pictures of the Columbine cowards Harris and Klebold on his cell phone. On his laptop he also had a copy of the Columbine fanboy masturbatory homemade game Super Columbine Massacre RPG.

Also on his cell phone were two suicide notes that seem to be somewhat conflicting…

In one to “teachers and students,” Allen said the boy “clearly expressed anger … over his belief that he was embarrassed and mistreated at school” and “indicated he would get revenge.”

Reyes wrote that he’d been called gay, lazy, stupid, an idiot, had his money stolen and been accused of wetting his pants.

“Well that all ends. Today I will get revenge on the students and teachers for ruining my life,” he wrote, adding that he would bring a pistol and rifle to school “to shoot you and see how you like it when someone (sic) making fun of you.”

“Have a great death at school,” he said on the one-page note of spiral notebook paper he closed with a drawing of a tombstone that read: “Sparks Middle School 1965-2013.”

But in the second contradictory note to his parents, he said “this shooting is not because of the shooting games, bullying or other stuff.” He said it was because “some bad things in the past cause of me.”

“And now I’m just a monster,” Reyes wrote. “If you hate me and my family doesn’t love me it’s okay. I know that I’m just an idiot. But I love you and I wish the past would be good and better someday.”

It seems like to me that the parenting in the Reyes household went from one extreme to the other. They’re either buying an underage kid M-rated games and letting him do what he wants or he’s getting hit by his father.

With that kind of parenting it should be no surprise the kid turned out like this. It’s just unfortunate that he had to use violence in trying to make up for his own inadequacies and take the life of another.

Superintendent says that Sparks shooter was not bullied


Schools chief: No evidence Nevada shooter bullied:

WCSD Superintendent Evaluates Emergency Safety Plan After Shooting:

Let’s hear it for responsible journalism for once.

A reporter for TV station KTVN in Reno recently asked the school superintendent if the Sparks Middle School shooter, Jose Reyes, was bullied. This was the superintendent’s response…

“There was nothing in our official records about bullying for this child, whether at the elementary school or the middle school. Even the parents recently said there was no indication from what they saw.”

But take a look at the second link I posted. That’s the original story where that quote comes from. That fact is buried in a story headlined about safety plans. It took the Associated Press to change the headline and I’m not a fan of theirs usually.

So that’s the police, his parents, and now the school system who say that he wasn’t bullied. Yet this myth of the bullied school shooter will continue to persist due to the usual practices of the media and the gullible marks who buy into it.

Sparks shooter’s parents talk to press


Parents of Sparks Middle School shooter apologize to victims’ families:

The parents of Jose Reyes recently spoke to the Reno Journal-Gazette in the wake of their son shooting and killing teacher Michael Landsberry, wounding two other students before taking his own life. They apologized to the families of the victims and thanked the police. I’m not going to be as hard as them as I have on the parents of other shooters in the past because it takes guts to actually apologize like this, something that the parents of more prolific killers have never done. Unfortunately they don’t get a total pass because it’s still alleged that the gun their sun used came from their home. I would say that a majority of shootings like this could be prevented if parents stored their firearms more securely.

The article briefly touches on something that other media outlets have run with as their headlines. This is all that’s mentioned about bullying in the article.

We knew that he had been teased and that he was trying to work through a speech problem that he had.

And as it’s been pointed out before the two students that he shot were not his alleged tormentors, a theme that seems to be recurring with school shootings.

However there may be a legitimate reason behind his speech issue and the alleged bullying. In 2012 Jose Reyes’ father was arrested for hitting his son three times with an open hand giving his son a black eye. Growing up in an abusive household, especially if you’re the target of the abuse, can cause a lot of mental issues in children.

When I was Jose’s age my dad would not hesitate to hit my mom. He blackened her eyes and sent her to the hospital on more occasions than I care to remember. This made me timid and scared of just about everything since I lived in such fear of my father. School kids can smell fear as the saying goes and they prey upon it. In my house there was a rule of never talking about the abuse and I carried that into school. So I never talked about the abuse I took at school. This led to more than one suicide attempt. However much like suicide attempts, school shootings should be contributed more to mental illness than the bogeyman of bullying. My dad’s abuse of my mom had more of an adverse effect on me than any bullying did and it probably caused the depression I’ve suffered since I was young. Maybe Jose Reyes’ real bully was his own father.

UPDATE 11/14/203: This is actually kind of old news but Jose Reyes’ father allegedly said that the gun used in the shooting was kept on a shelf above the refrigerator but was not locked. I’ve lost count of how many shootings at schools could have been prevented by a simple gun lock.

Gun locks are easy and inexpensive. In some municipalities they’re given out free to gun owners. If you have kids in your house gun locks should at least be a minimum requirement of you own guns.

Sparks Middle School shooter named and other news


Sparks Releases Name of Sparks Middle School Shooter:

Sparks police did finally release the name of the shooter from Sparks Middle School last week and his name is Jose Reyes. Reyes ended up taking his own life after shooting two classmates and killing teacher Michael Landsberry.

Moms: Wounded sons weren’t targets in NV shooting:

The mothers of both 12-year-olds shot at Sparks Middle School last week have both said that neither of their sons were the targets of the 12-year-old shooter. So a school shooter shot someone who had nothing to do with him. A recurring theme since 1999.

Friend: Nevada shooter typical kid, not loner:

According to a friend of Reyes’ he never claimed to be bullied, while not the most popular kid in school he had friends and he even played soccer at the school.

Siobhan McAndrew: The kids that prove stereotypes are wrong:

If anything good can come from this tragedy it seems that a group of about 35 male students of the school placed themselves between Reyes and their female classmates basically acting as human shields for the girls. They may just the bravest group of middle schoolers.

Stop saying it can’t happen here


Deadly school shooting shocks Nevada community:

Normally these days Wednesday night is my night off to decompress and not have a crime filled night at least one night of the week. I haven’t even finished going through my e-mails when I came across this article about the Sparks Middle School shooting and a quote from the sister-in-law of Michael Landsberry, the teacher who lost his life in the shooting protecting other students.

“It’s not supposed to happen here,” said the slain teacher’s sister-in-law. “We’re just Sparks — little Sparks, Nevada. It’s unreal.”

While I am truly sorry for their family’s loss we need to stop thinking like this. Think of all the towns nobody heard of before tragedies like this befell them, Littleton, Jonesboro, Red Lake, Thurston, Paducah. Do I need to go on? It can and will happen here wherever here is until we come together as a society and take preventive measures that this will never happen again. Unfortunately coming together is something we still need to work on.

Sparks Middle School shooting already being blamed on bullying


Nevada school shooting: Gunman had been bullied – classmates:

By now I’m sure you’ve heard that earlier today there was a shooting at Sparks Middle School in Sparks, Nevada. Killed in the shootings were the as of right now, unnamed student gunman and math teacher Michael Landsberry. Reports say that Landsberry was trying to get the kid to put the gun down before being shot. Two other students were struck with bullets but are expected to survive.

As of the time I’m writing this at 7:52 PM EDT the name and age of the shooter, who is believed to have taken his own life, have not been released. Yet already we have at least one media outlet claiming that the shooter was bullied. Apparently the media thinks the phrase ‘those who forget the past are doomed to repeat it’ doesn’t apply to them. Do I have to dredge up Columbine again and remind the media how many falsehoods that were reported that day that have been proven to be untrue yet still persist as legend to this day?

Also I have to bring up the fact once again that bullying is not an excuse to commit murder. In all the school shooting trials that I have written about not once has the bullying defense ever resulted in an acquittal.

If you want schools to focus on bullying instead of worrying about school shooters than stop clinging to the bullied school shooter myth like it was gospel.

I’ll post more details as they become available and as my schedule permits.

UPDATE 10/22/2013: The shooter’s name has still not been released to my knowledge however most reports are saying that he stole the handgun from his parents. No word on if they will be facing charges yet. If history in Nevada is any indicator they probably won’t.

Also as far as the alleged bullying goes there’s this report from witnesses of the shooting.

Before the shooting, witnesses said they could hear the gunman saying ‘my life is over’ and demanding ‘Why you people making fun of me?’ and ‘Why you laughing at me?’

Before he shot two 12-year-olds and killing a well liked teacher.

Perspective people.

UPDATE 10/23/2013: It turns out the gunman is actually 12-years-old and the police are not releasing his name out of respect for his family. Still no word on motive.