Florida Facebook predator hits almost all the cliches

Facebook Advances to 15- and 16-Year-Old Girls and Rendezvous Lead to 30-Year-Old’s Arrest:

Michael King

Michael King

The love child of John Cena and a potato over there is 30-year-old Michael Lee King of Bunnell, Florida. He’s been accused of allegedly soliciting underage girls for sex on Facebook and used almost all the online predator clichés in doing so.

According to the Flagler County Sheriffs, King, using the alias of ‘Jones’, allegedly told a 15-year-old girl on Facebook that he was 27 and when she protested about the difference in age King allegedly said that not only did he just want to ‘hang out’ but also told her that “Age is only a #.” He then allegedly tried to lure the girl out by promising her $500 and buying her a bunch of stuff. The only thing that he didn’t try was telling her that he could get her a modeling gig.

Eventually the girl told her parents who told the cops who arrested King at a pet store.

This girl had enough sense to tell her parents. You may want to make sure that yours do too.