California torture suspect talks

Lau speaks to ABC7 about torture case:

One of the suspects arrested for the shackled California teen spoke exclusively to ABC7. Kelly Lau talked about the situation that has landed her in jail and she lays all the blame at the feet of Carmen Ramirez.

She claims that they met Ramirez through a mutual friend and offered her and the boy a temporary place to leave but they never left. She said that Ramirez told her to ‘discipline’ the boy like she did. Lau even admitted to hitting the boy with an aluminum bat and that she witnessed her husband, Michael Schumacher, doing it to but he allegedly did it less frequently than Lau. Lau said Ramirez would heat up the bat in the fireplace and use it to burn the boy.

Lau said she knew the abuse of the boy was wrong ‘in the back of her head’ but was afraid of Ramirez. So if you’re afraid of someone else in your own house who just happens to be torturing a teenager why don’t you call the police?

Anyway, Lau said that the boy only got to shower once a week if he was lucky and he was basically hosed down in the backyard like a dog.

Lau said she was glad thew boy escaped and the reporter, Alan Wang, said that Lau isn’t really grasping the situation and she kept asking when she could go home and see her children. I get the feeling that mentally Lau isn’t all there which could possibly explain her actions, as wrong as they were.

Also it was believed that Ramirez was the boy’s aunt but it turns out she’s just a friend of the family that he called Aunt.

Chained and tortured California teen

Aunt faces charges in shackled teen mystery:

That headline makes it sound like an episode of Scooby-Doo rather than a blatant violation of someone’s basic human rights.

Anyway, I’m sure by now you’ve heard about the 17-year-old California boy who was being held against his will and escaped his captors. There are a lot of Bad Breeders to go around in this story.

First let’s go to the married couple that were holding the boy captive, Kelly Layne Lau and Michael Luther Schumacher. They had 4 kids of their own, ages 1, 3, 7 and 9, in the same house where they kept a 17-year-old shackled against his will. How did that work? ‘Honey, don’t touch the prisoner, he’s dirty.’

Not to mention that her ‘About Me’ from her MySpace says…

30 yr. old mom of 4 beautiful kids. Happily married to a man who I love to death. He is my best friend and a wonderful father to our 4 kids and I wouldn’t trade him for anything in this world. We live in Northern California where I am a stay at home mom and my husband is a Contractor. We have a typical life I guess-our oldest daughter is involved with Girl Scouts and is our Ballerina in training. My boys just kick back and wait there turn to do something fun. We have a dog named BUBBA and no white picket fence but our neighbor has one. LOL!!!!!!

Obviously she left off the part where they have a teenager chained in a pit.

Now let’s turn to the boy’s recently arrested and looks like dude aunt, 43-year-old Carmen Ramirez. Social workers took the boy from his abusive father. So he then goes to live with his aunt. She in turn gets arrested for abusing the boy. Then the boy gets placed in a foster home. He runs away from the foster home and ends up back with crazy Aunt Carmen who somehow convinces Lau and Schumacher to help keep him chained up. Who in the blue hell has a thought process like that?

If it was one lone person who held the boy I wouldn’t be surprised. If it was a couple I’d be a little perplexed. But three freakin’ people all considered chaining up a 17-year-old boy a good idea?

And you know the excuses from either the suspects or the defense attorneys are going to be some good ones. I can almost hear them now blaming the victim. They’ll say he was a wild child that had behavioral problems and they couldn’t keep him under control. And that will just be for starters.

Thnaks to LadyJade and Jamie for their help.