Facebook pedophile sentenced

Fox Lake man gets 35 years for Facebook sex scheme:

We have another repeat guest today. This time it’s Michael Macalindong. He’s the 25-year-old from outside of Chicago who I dubbed Facebook’s first pedophile.

Maclindong (ting-tang-walla-walla-bing-bang) lured teen boys over Facebook into having sex with him. When they refused he threatened to post videos of them on the internet. He was also found to have a large cache of child porn on his computer. In May he pleaded guilty to the child porn charges.

Yesterday he was sentenced on the luring charges and received a sentence of 35 years in federal prison.

Facebook pedophile pleads guilty

Man pleads guilty to using Facebook to entice minors:

I originally posted about Michael Macalindong here.

Back in February of 2007 Macalindong was arrested for using Facebook to try to entice a 15-year-old boy to his home for sex. It’s actually way more complicated than that so go read my original post for all the disturbing details.

Yesterday he pleaded guilty to federal child pornography charges.

No word on sentencing yet.

Facebook's first pedophile

Online social site defends security:

Facebook has its first pedophile. That must be a proud title to have. 🙄 Anyway his name is Michael Macalindong and he was arrested for trying to lure a 15-year-old boy to his home for sex. According to Facebook Macalindong stole the Facebook account of a high school girl. Then it gets disturbing.

Authorities said Macalindong–posing as a girl–told the teen that for him to have sex with her, he had to first have sex with her male friend and have it taped so she could watch. In the ruse, Macalindong was the male friend, authorities said.

Officials said Macalindong videotaped the first sexual encounter at his apartment in May. There were at least two more meetings at the home, Patricia Fix, head of the Lake County state’s attorney’s cyber-crimes unit, said.

When the teen refused to meet again in January, Macalindong threatened to post the videos on the Internet unless he was paid $200, authorities said. The teen contacted police.

Last week, a Lake County investigator went online posing as the teen and arranged a meeting in Wilmette, officials said. Macalindong arrived about an hour later and was arrested.

Before I get to the linky goodness let me give the male teens out there some advice. No girl will have sex with you if you’ll have sex with her male friend. And trust me there is no girl out there that’s worth doing that for. No offense to any alternative lifestyle readers. It’s just not my bag.

Anyway, I couldn’t find Macalindong’s (nice name by the way) Facebook but I was able to find Macalindong’s MySpace. Of course it’s been set to private.

Macalindong has had other victims.

Investigators found a scanned image of the teen’s identification card along with lewd images and videos on his laptop computer, Fix said.

Investigators also found other scanned ID cards and photos of Macalindong engaged in sexual activity with other teens, authorities said. Macalindong has been charged with six counts of producing child pornography, one count of indecent solicitation of a minor, one count of intimidation and two counts of aggravated criminal sexual abuse.