Michael Moore (not that one) arretsed for craigslist child porn

Not the film maker Michael Moore.

Portland man arrested in Craigslist porn case:

Craigslist post leads to child pornography arrest:

45-year-old Michael Moore of Portland, Oregon was arrested late last month for allegedly posting child porn in the casual encounters section of craigslist. Where else, right? If the child porn wasn’t creepy enough check out what he allegedly posted along with it…

Phelps was scrolling through the Casual Encounters section when she says she saw pictures of Moore dressed in women’s clothing and an inappropriate picture of a little girl. She says the ad bragged that he had 3,000 other similar pictures.

“He talked about wearing her underwear,” Phelps says the ad continued, “and when mommy left, things would happen and how she loved it. It was just horrible.”

This was posted in February and Moore wasn’t arrested until six months later with the help of the FBI and the NCMEC. God only knows what this freak did in those six months. That time could have been a lot shorter if craigslist were to actually moderate at least the casual encounters section instead of doing nothing to stem the tide of pedophiles and predators on their site.

Michael Moore has a problem with Bin Laden’s death. Who’s shocked?

It’s been a long time since we heard from fat boy hasn’t it?

Well of course it’s just like him to complain about the death of one of the most prolific mass murderers of our time. It seems that Moore took to his fatter…I mean Twitter account to post his objections to Bin Laden’s death.

Most of it is just some politically correct over sensitive bullcrap but I would like to take issue with one of his specific tweets.

“What’s so wrong w/ just saying the truth? “We executed him.” Fine. I’m guessing most would applaud u. So I like trials! Call me an American!” he wrote.

First off this is why I prefer Facebook to Twitter. If I have something to say that’s over 140 characters I’ll post it on Facebook just so I don’t have to look like an illiterate assclown on Twitter, but I digress.

So what if Bin Laden was executed? Can you think of anyone more deserving? It was probably less suffering than his victims endured. Fine, I’ll say it. Bin Laden was executed and I for one am ecstatic about it.

As far as a trial goes I partially went over this yesterday. Not only would a trial make where ever it was being held would be a prime target but it also would have been nothing more than an opportunity for Bin Laden to spew his insane propaganda.

Then again fat boy would probably like that.

Bowling for Columbine influenced would be shooter

Calgary teen dreamed about shooting teachers after seeing Bowling for Columbine:

A 14-year-old from Calgary was arrested back in April for threatening to kill two of his teachers on the Anniversary of Columbine. Recently the charges against him were dropped after he agreed to what the article calls one-year peace bond.

The peace bond requires the teenager to report to a probation officer, reside with his parents and not have any contact with the two teachers or any students involved in the matter.

He’s also not allowed to go within one city block of the southwest junior high school he once attended, use the Internet without supervision or come into contact with any firearms.

My beef here isn’t with the kid because he told his parents who went and got him help. However as the headline states he came to the conclusion that he wanted to kill his teachers after viewing Michael Moore’s ‘documentary’ Bowling for Columbine.

This isn’t the first time I’ve posted about a potential threat against a school that wasn’t in some way influenced by the film. Yet you never hear the media speaking out about the movie. It’s always video games or violent movies that they usually cite as the cause.

Do I think Michael Moore’s disgrace of a film caused this kid to want to shoot his teachers? No, of course not. I just think if people are going to get into an uproar about video games and the like they should be getting into an uproar about this film as well.

Michael Moore being sued

Filmmaker Moore’s lawyer urges bomber’s kin off suit:

This is just priceless. Alleged filmmaker Michael Moore is being sued by the brother of Oklahoma City bombing conspirator Terry Nichols, James Nichols.

James Nichols’ attorney, Kenneth McIntyre, argued that Moore ”offered half-truths or total untruths” to accuse his client of being an accomplice in the April 1995 bombing that killed 168 people.

I didn’t see the movie so I can’t comment on whether an actual accusation was inferred or not but oh how would I love to see Fatboy get slammed with a libel verdict.

No comment on Fatboy’s website. What do you know? For once he’s keeping his mouth shut.

Michael Moore Causes Shooting

School shooter pleads guilty:

This is actually the first I’ve heard of this one. Long story short, Jon W. Romano, took a shotgun to school fired several times but luckily no one was seriously injured. One of the teachers took a bullet to the calf but that’s the extent of the damage.

What I found interesting was this…

The district attorney’s office also made public for the first time copies of a letter written by Romano before the shooting that was found in his room. In it, Romano talked about watching the Michael Moore documentary “Bowling for Columbine,” which was about teenagers who shot and killed students and teachers at Columbine High School in Littleton, Colo.

Romano stated in the letter he was not a “monster.” He said he liked comedies and “to laugh,” and wondered how he was different from the two teenagers, Dylan Klebold and Eric Harris, who went on the Columbine shooting rampage in 1999 that left 13 students and a teacher dead and injured 23 others. The pair finally turned the guns on themselves, ending their lives.

Now it’s obvious that Romano had other mental issues but this is the second school shooting that I’ve heard about where the gunman had watched “Bowling For Columbine”. Now I say this with tongue partially planted in cheek but if we can blame school shootings on Doom, Marilyn Manson, GTA, and The Basketball Diaries, then why can’t the knee-jerkers blame Michael Moore for inspiring children to kill? His movie deals with an actual school shooting rather than peripheral subjects like the previous materials mentioned. Why is there no call to have his movie banned before someone tries to kill again?

Just a thought.

Teacher Suspended for Showing Assclown Movie

Teacher shows ‘Fahrenheit 9/11’, gets rebuked:

Log in Info. So an instructor at local Rowan-Cabarrus Community College by the name of Davis March got yanked from his class for showing the King of All Assclown’s propaganda piece Fahrenheit 9/11 the week before the election. Of course, all the so-called protectors of free speech have their panties in a wad. However, the school had previously issued two memos reminding staff members of the school’s policy to remain nonpartisan during the Election season. Wow, a school that actually tries to be politically neutral. What a concept. As usual everyone and their grandmother is saying his rights to free speech were violated…

But the instructor said the administration’s actions are restricting freedom of thought. And a spokesman for a national professors’ group called the move an affront to faculty and students and a threat to academic freedom.

He said he has a responsibility to present controversial material to get his students to think and take positions.

Before he returned from the suspension, March agreed not to show the film again. But he said he now fears an overall “chilling effect” on freedom of thought in the classroom.

Stopping March midway through his English composition class was “extraordinary” and an affront to the faculty member and to students and a threat to academic freedom, said Jonathan Knight, director of the American Association of University Professors’ program on academic freedom and tenure. The association has 45,000 members at four-year and two-year institutions.

March said college officials didn’t ask him why he was showing the movie. And he said he shouldn’t have to show the “other side” to balance anything.

Emphasis mine.

This is not an issue of free speech but an issue of not following your employer’s procedures and guidelines. If your job instituted a business only dress code and you came in dressed in leather chaps a plaid thong and a pink feather boa don’t you think you would be reprimanded?

It’s not like the school didn’t give fair warning. Not one but two memos were issued to faculty on the subject and Mr. March obviously chose to ignore them. If he wanted his students to discuss the movie so bad why couldn’t he have waited until the day after the election? It’s obvious to me that Mr. March was trying to influence his students into voting a certain way.

I for one applaud Rowan-Cabarrus Community College for taking such a stance. If only more colleges in our country were interested in educating their students rather than force-feeding them a political agenda.

Michael Moore Re-elected…

…to the office of King of All Assclowns. It was a unanimous vote too.

I was curious to see what Captain Cholesterol’s response was to President Bush being reelected. The only thing he had on his site was this picture.


From what I understand this is a picture of President Bush made up of the pictures of the members of the armedFatboys that have been killed in Iraq. This is typical of Moore, using a tragedy to further his own agenda and throwing a hissy fit when he doesn’t get his way. I’m sure the families of the fallen soldiers really appreciate the shameless way fatboy uses their images.

Here’s the thing though. And I may need my own Tin Foil Hat but deep down The King of All Assclowns loves Republicans. Without Republicans, Michael Moore wouldn’t have a career. He needs the Republicans to keep making his propaganda pieces. Without them, he’d be forced to make legitimate documentaries. Deep down I even think that Michael Moore may even be a Republican. I mean the Republicans are supposedly the party of rich, white fat cats. It wouldn’t be a stretch to include a rich, white, fatass.

Michael Moore Kills Children

Columbine shootings echoed in Argentina:

I’m not a fan of The Washington Times. They seem to be a little too right of center. However, I’m a bigger fan of the Times then I am of the Post. Anyway, the article discusses what The Times thinks is the reasoning behind the school shooting in Argentina. They blame the usual non-factors like that the shooter, only known as Rafael S., was a “goth” and listened to Marilyn Manson. They also say that for a recent school project, Rafael S. chose to write about “the suicide attacks of students in American schools”. However, they also make the point that the shooting came just days after the Michael Moore propaganda piece “Bowling for Columbine” was shown to students. Could Rafael S. have been finally pushed over the edge by “Bowling For Columbine”? Is the King of All Assclowns responsible for the deaths of 3 teens? These questions and more will be answered…um…now. As much as I would like to believe that the Assclown King is responsible of course he isn’t. He just made a bad movie. An interesting hypothetical situation to think about would be if this happened in America would people be clamoring to have “Bowling For Columbine” pulled off the shelves like they did to “The Basketball Diaries” after Columbine. It will also be interesting to see what kind of spin the Assking will put on this.

I guess there’s no “biggest assclown” Oscar

Moore to pursue best picture Oscar:

Is Michael Moore the most egotistical man on the face of the planet? After reading this I would have to say so. How over inflated is his sense of self-worth for him to say he wants to give other documentary makers a chance to win the Oscar for best documentary. This is basically him saying that he’s too good for the other documentary makers to compete with him. So he’ll step down to give the peons a chance. How magnanimous of him. I bet you that if President Bush were to lose the election that he would take full credit for it. The other reason why he wants the best picture Oscar is because he can show it on TV before the election and still be in contention. Apparently, you can’t do that in the best documentary category. He’s a one-man propaganda juggernaut, isn’t he? Just because you’re big enough to be your own planet Mikey doesn’t mean the universe revolves around you.

Pity Poore Michael Moore

Well, last week Michael Moore was receiving death threats on his website. Who hasn’t? Now that Mikey likes to hear himself talk so much he’s telling the media that he has fought off constant attacks from hackers. (Second item) And since his feelings have been hurt so much he’s going to tattle to the police. Like they don’t have anything better to do. Did you ever think Mikey that if you weren’t such a liar, a tragedy opportunist, and the king of all assclowns people wouldn’t try to hack your site? This also reminds me of a time when the hackers were very successful.