Sentence upheld for Martinsville West Middle gunman

Michael Phelps

Michael Phelps

Appeals Court Affirms Verdict, Sentence In School Shooting:

In March of last year a then 15-year-old Michael Phelps shot Chance Jackson within the walls of Martinsville West Middle School in Martinsville, Indiana. Jackson survived but not without great medical cost since Phelps’ bullets ripped through seven of his organs. Phelps was tried as an adult, convicted and sentenced to 30 years in prison on attempted murder charges.

Before everyone gets their beak bent about this poor soul being sent to prison not only did he admit that he tried to kill Jackson, he had shown the gun around school, tried to make Jackson fight him and fashioned a weapon in jail while awaiting trial. This is no ‘poor kid’. And oh yeah, there was this matter of witness intimidation too.

This past Monday Phelps’ 30 year sentence was upheld by the Indiana Court of Appeals. The court ruled that the original ruling of Phelps being charged as an adult was correct as most juvenile programs would not take him due to his proclivity for violence. They also ruled that the sentence was just do the nature of the crime.

If anyone feels sorry for Phelps I defy you to go to Indiana and ask Chance Jackson if he feels sorry for Phelps. There’s only one victim here and it’s not the one sitting in prison.

Martinsville gunman faces new charges

Michael Phelps

Michael Phelps

Martinsville school shooter could face more prison time:

On the same day that Michael Phelps was sentenced to 30 years for shooting Chance Jackson at Martinsville West Middle School, prosecutors filed new charges of witness intimidation against Phelps.

According to prosecutors Phelps allegedly sent out letters threatening anybody who would testify against him…

“Everyone that snitched me out is getting something when I get out,” he wrote in one letter, according to court documents.

In another, he wrote, “This town is going to remember me when I get out(.) (T)hey better believe that.”

He also allegedly arranged a beating of a potential witness…

The witness, who was unnamed, thought he was meeting friends to play basketball but was beaten up instead, according to court documents. The person who beat the witness said, “This is for Michael,” according to the documents.

So much for being a loner with no friends.

No word on a possible sentence yet but prosecutors are saying that any additional jail time would be served consecutive to his current sentence.

This should go against his lawyer’s appeal that Phelps should not have been charged as an adult considering that he orchestrated retaliation like a jailed a mob boss.

Martinsville gunman sentenced to 30 years

Michael Phelps

Michael Phelps

Ind. teen gets 30 years for shooting classmate:

This past Friday 16-year-old Michael Phelps was sentenced to 30 years behind bars for shooting 15-year-old Chance Jackson within the walls of Martinsville West Middle School in Martinsville, Indiana.

During the sentencing hearing Phelps’ mother once again claimed that she drank too much and that’s why Phelps’ committed the shooting. Get in line pal. A lot of parents unfortunately drink too much but not all of them have kids who shot someone twice in the abdomen.

Chance Jackson’s mother addressed the court to tell that her son is now condemned to a life of medical problems and has had two emergency surgeries.

The judge even noted that Phelps had made a weapon in prison while awaiting trial.

Of course Phelps’ lawyer is going to appeal not only the sentence but the fact that Phelps was tried as an adult.

30 years is a decent sentence however it pales in comparison to the life sentence that Chance Jackson received without a trial.

Martinsville gunman convicted

Michael Phelps

Michael Phelps

Martinsville school shooting: Phelps guilty on attempted murder:

Michael Phelps was convicted of attempted murder yesterday after he admitted on the stand during his bench trial that he not only shot Chance Jackson but that he intended to kill him.

Now this may sound like a slam dunk but it’s not. As Phelps’ lawyer points out in the article while this sounds like a guilty plea it isn’t. It’s a legal maneuver for Phelps’ lawyer to appeal the fact that the 16-year-old Phelps was charged as an adult. If Phelps had pleaded guilty he would have waived that right to appeal.

So while Phelps is looking at 20 to 50 years behind bars when he’s sentenced in August if Phelps’ appeal is succesful he would probably be only looking at 5 years.

Meanwhile 15-year-old Chance Jackson is looking at a lifetime of medical problems and there is no court that he can appeal to.

Martinsville gunman waives jury trial

Michael Phelps

Michael Phelps

Martinsville school shooting suspect waives jury trial:

Accused Martinsville West Middle School gunman Michael Phelps has waived a jury trial this past week as the jury was being seated. To recap 16-year-old Phelps is accused of shooting 15-year-old Chance Jackson at the Indiana school. Jackson survived but has a long road to recovery.

I can’t think of a specific one off the top of my head but if I recall correctly having a bench trial has never fared well for school violence suspects. I guess the only remaining question is if he will get a slap on the wrist or real time.

The trial is scheduled for July 11th.

Update on Martinsville gunman’s trial

Michael Phelps

Michael Phelps

Pretrial Hearing Held for Teen Accused in Martinsville Shooting:

Just a few minor updates regarding the trial of Martinsville West Middle School gunman, 16 year-old Michael Phelps. Just a quick refresh Phelps is accused of shooting 15 year-old Chance Jackson in the Indiana middle school.

The jury for Phelps’ trial will be drawn from Clay County in Indiana. I usually have no problem with trials being moved or juries being brought in because I want to see this punk convicted with little chance for appeals.

Prosecutors filed a motion to add 5 years to the sentence if he is convicted since Phelps used a handgun.

Lastly a judge ruled that no witness could testify to Phelps’ alleged intent to kill Chance Jackson. Again I have no problem with this because I think Phelps’ actions show that he intended on killing Jackson. Luckily Chance Jackson survived but has a long road of recovery ahead of him.

Martinsville shooter to be tried as an adult

Michael Phelps

Michael Phelps

This past Monday a judge ruled that Martinsville West Middle School gunman Michael Phelps will be tried as an adult. Phelps is accused of shooting Chance Jackson in the abdomen within the walls of the school.

The Judge stated his reason behind the ruling was the heinousness of the crime and felt that his upbringing in a home filled with substance abuse was no excuse for his actions.

Bravo to the judge. It’s always nice to see, for me anyway, that not all judges fall for this line of crap. Recently the Kid Kriminal Krowd has circled their wagons and aren’t discussing which kids they support publicly but I imagine they’ll pick up the cross for Phelps.

Now let’s here what his douchey defense attorney has to say

Defense attorney Steven Litz called the ruling “politically expedient” and said Phelps would emerge from prison far worse than he entered if convicted as an adult. 

“The public can be protected from him,” he said. “The experts testified last week indicated that there are secure facilities where Michael can get treatment he needs and would protect the public.”

This isn’t about what Phelps needs. He’s already committed his crime and now he must pay for what he’s done. He doesn’t need treatment, he’s already a broken individual. What he needs is incarceration. 

“It’s always easier to do what is politically expedient than what is compassionately just,” Litz said. “It’s always easier to close one’s eyes than open one’s heart, and that’s what you’ve witnessed here.”

I’m sorry, did I miss something? Where was your client’s compassion when he shot Chance Jackson in the stomach twice with the two bullets ripping through seven of Chance’s organs? Oh that’s right. He didn’t have any compassion for him.

This past Tuesday Phelps’ attorney entered a not guilty plea for his client. I can’t wait to see the defense for this one. Will he stick with the ‘bad childhood’ defense or will he try something new? I don’t see him using the bullying defense since word has it that Phelps wanted Chance Jackson to fight but Chance refused.

Phelps’ attorney is also looking for the trial to be moved. Again that’s fine by me. Let there be no reason for this dangerous psycho to get off with.

It’s also being reported that Phelps’ attorney says that his client has been terrified in adult jail. I’m sure not nearly as terrified as Chance Jackson was after Phelps shot him and during his multiple surgeries.

On the good news/bad news front Chance Jackson has finally been released from the hospital but will face lifelong medical problems related to the shooting. Sounds like a life sentence for Phelps would be in order then.

Also a trust fund for Chance has been set up through Citizen’s Bank…

Donations can be made at any branch or mailed to Citizens Bank at PO Box 789, Mooresville, Ind., 46158. 

Martinsville shooter showed off gun say police


Today’s kids are stupid. I’m sure my dad said that about my generation but if we saw someone with a gun in school it would have been reported. Unlike what happened at Martinsville West Middle School with one Michael Phelps.

According to police Phelps not only showed off the gun to other students at the school but even told them that he was going to shoot Chance Jackson. As you can surmise this went unreported. Supposedly the kids said that they didn’t think he was serious. Obviously he was.

Listen up kids, Uncle Trench is going to learn you something called common sense. If someone brings a gun to your school it’s very possible that you could be struck by one of its bullets. If someone brings a gun to school they’ve already shown that they’re serious. Report it.

Mom of Martinsville shooter says the reason her son shot someone is because she drank


57-year-old Karen Quickery is the mother of Michael Phelps. Phelps, as you may know, is accused of shooting fellow Martinsville West Middle School student Chance Jackson in the abdomen.

Quickery says the reason her son shot Chance Jackson is because she drinks. Wait, what?

The mother of a 15-year-old boy accused in a central Indiana school shooting says her drinking fueled her son’s anger. 

Fifty-seven-year-old Karen Quickery told a Morgan County judge Tuesday that she wasn’t a good disciplinarian. The suspect’s four siblings testified that they all had been in trouble with the law as juveniles.

Ok, throw her in jail too.

Martinsville shooter’s lawyer requests psych eval

Michael Phelps

Michael Phelps

The attorney for accused Martinsville West Middle School gunman, Michael Phelps, has requested a psychological evaluation for his client. I can already guess what it’s going to say. Something like the 15-year-old Phelps’ brain isn’t developed enough to truly understand his actions which is a load of crap, but I digress.

Also, prosecutors are looking to try to have Phelps tried as an adult. A hearing for that is scheduled for April 18th.

Phelps is accused of shooting fellow student Chance Jackson in the abdomen at the school. Chance has been upgraded to fair condition after undergoing two surgeries.

Phelps’ lawyer is trying to keep the case in juvenile court saying that Phelps never knew his biological father and that he’s scared of going to prison. I don’t know what not knowing his father has anything to do with it but if he wanted to stay out of prison he should have thought of that before he pulled the trigger.