Ex-deputy pleads guilty to craigslist molestation of teen

Former Deputy Admits To Improper Relationship With Teen:

First off let me say ‘improper relationship’ my ass.

43-year-old Michael Pizzo is a former Montgomery County, Ohio sheriff’s deputy. Today he pleaded guilty to having sex with a teen boy that he met on craigslist. Since minors under the age of consent can not legally consent to sex this should be called rape. The fact that a media outlet called it an improper relationship makes me want to retch. Not to mention all the other crap that goes along with this story.

First off the assclown is only looking at 18 months behind bars and 25 years on the sex offender registry. First off being an ex-cop and a child molester will keep him segregated from the rest of the prison population unfortunately. No to mention once he gets out being an ex-cop I’m sure he know how to get around legal hurdles placed in from of him meant to prevent him from molesting another teen.

Secondly he’s been released while awaiting sentencing. I would lay odds that he doesn’t show up for sentencing. He’s been ordered to stay away from the victim whatever that’s worth. Especially considering no sentencing date had been set yet.

Prosecutors are acting like they just put Al Capone in jail

“Taking advantage of a young man is completely unacceptable,” Warren County’s Chief Assistant Prosecutor, Bruce McGary stated. “Thanks to the cooperation of the Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office, the Warren County Sheriff’s Office and Assistant Prosecutor John Arnold this man is no longer wearing a badge, and he will be punished for his crime.”

Not nearly long enough as he should be.

Again another child molester that gets a slap on the wrist and will more than likely go on to offend again and people will wonder why wasn’t something done the first time.

And where the hell was this kid’s parents allowing him to go on craigslist like that? They should be charged as well.

Not to mention that this is just another story in the long line of offenses that occur through craigslist yet they act like they’re doing some service to the world at large.