Another NC sex offender caught on MySpace

Michael S Ervin

Michael S Ervin

MySpace profiles land N.C. sex offender in jail:

Sex offender accused of maintaining social networking site:

What is it about that guy’s mugshot that gives me the jibblies? He looks like some kind of 80s heavy metal alien or something.

Anyway that’s 34-year-old Michael S. Ervin of Jacksonville, North Carolina. He also uses the aliases of Michael Anderson Wells, Michael Anderson Irvan, Michael Steven Irvan, Mike Irvan, Mike Irvin, Michael Steven Irvin, Michael A. Wells and Michael Steven Wells. Got all that?

He’s also a registered sex offender for the 1999 conviction of taking indecent liberties with a minor. He was released in 2001.

As you may well know it is against the law in North Carolina to be a registered sex offender and have a MySpace and NC don’t joke y’all. It seems that Mr. Ervin allegedly had at least two and considering the number of aliases he uses there may be even more. On MySpace he is said to have used the screen names “Mrs. Wells” and “Gothic”.

Maybe he was just looking for others of his race for when the mother ship comes to take them back to their home planet.

Seriously, if you’re a registered SO in NC you may want to stay off the social networks unless you’re particularly fond of jail.

UPDATE 3/3/2012: He got a year of house arrest and no internet. That’ll show ’em.