Bad Boyfriend bites baby

Ohio man admits repeatedly biting Mich. 2-year-old:

23-year-old Michael Schweibinz of Columbus, Ohio pleaded guilty in a Cheboygan County, Michigan court to biting his girlfriend’s 2-year-old son. He claims that he was trying to teach the boy not to bite other people. I have seen parents use that method in the past but I think there may be a little more to this story considering the injuries the boy had. The boy had man sized bite marks on his torso, back, neck, arms, face, buttocks and genital area.

Now when I’ve seen real parents use this method they don’t bite hard enough to leave marks and especially don’t bite the kids butt and genital region.

The birth organism has also been charged in this case probably for allowing this to happen.

Thanks to Carissa for the tip.