Mother and Boyfriend charged with Murder in Missing Illinois Toddler Case

***Special thanks to SongBird for the write up***

Scott and Baker

Scott and Baker

Missing Infant’s Mother Charged with Murder:

Mother, boyfriend charged with killing Maywood toddler:

Prosecutors: Mom, boyfriend beat, killed child, made up kidnapping story:

Mother, Boyfriend Charged With Murder Of One-Year-Old:

SongBirds’ prayer:

“Little baby Bryeon, I hope as I write this, I do you proud
And the tears that fall for your journey, comfort your soul
All the worlds hearts hug and nurse you now, and in eternity
Be at home in the Lords house Little Man, Blessed Be”

Lakeisha Baker and her boyfriend Micheal Scott rang police and reported and abduction of her child claiming the involvement of three unidentified assailants. An amber alert was issued and the search began for the suspects and Bryeon Hunter.

While speaking with investigators her story began to unravel, she admitted to using a belt and plastic coat hangers to beat twelve-month-old Bryeon, on Monday 15th April muffling his screams with her hand on his mouth. She also admits she regularly beat Bryeon and she would force him sit for long periods of time on the toilet, as punishment.

Punishment for what!? He was an infant, most likely just learnt to waddle about the world, with eyes full of wonder, precious innocence in his cheeky smiles. And his mother chose only to show him the pain, greed and treachery of this world.

A mother is sent a child as a blessing, to nurture, to love and care for, but also to fill our hearts with love as we admire them, and watch them grow, inspire them to learn. For most parents, mothers, fathers, step-fathers, step-mothers foster mum’s and dad’s and other well-adjusted members of society this commonly understood.

Therefore in my opinion Lakeisha Baker is not a mother. She is a biological birth vessel and a murderer.

One year-old Bryeon Hunter died, on Tuesday 16th April, left alone in a cold bathroom with horrific, extensively painful injuries sustained when accused murderers Lakeisha Baker and Michael Scott beat the tiny boy with coat hangers and a belt, they cruelly and coldly sat by as he strained to take his last breath waiting for him to die! They showed him no more respect in death than they did in his short little life, his limp little body stuffed into a bag and thrown away.

Micheal Scott told investigators that his girlfriend was the one whom beat the child to death and left him to die on the bathroom floor. Micheal Scott never once stepped in protected Bryeon from this murderous monster, and prosecutors have stated that both admit to stuffing little Bryeons’ lifeless body into a backpack, and then they set about disposing of his remains in the surrounding areas of the Des Plaines River in Maywood, Illinois.

Both Baker and Scott are pointing the finger at each other, both claim the other had put Bryeon in to the bag and claim that each other had taken the bag from the apartment to an unknown location. Barker admits she bleached and cleaned the bathroom and disposed of coat hangers and other items.

Crews continue the search for Bryeon Hunter in the Maywood area. I hope Bryeon can be found and laid to rest with the dignity he deserves. May his spirit be free to fly through the Heavens.

Gorgeous little man Bryeon Hunter

Gorgeous little man Bryeon Hunter