8-year-old girl tricked into sending explicit pics on Live.Me

8-year-old girl tricked into sending explicit pics on Live.Me

An 8-year-old girl from Detroit was tricked into sending nude pictures of herself over the livestreaming app Live.Me. The person who requested the pic has not been apprehended, however, he is said to have posed as 13-year-old boy in order to get the pictures.

While it’s reprehensible that any human being would ask for such things, it does show a greater problem when it comes to parenting in a digital age. The girl’s mother was not aware the girl had the app even though she says she regularly checks her daughter’s phone. I’ll leave current parents of young children to debate whether or not 8-years-old is an appropriate age for a child to have their own cell phone. Anyway, the girl’s mother said the girl only had the app on her phone for a day and a half and the mother also thought the app was just a game.

As I posted previously, according to Live.Me’s terms of service a user has to be at least 13 to use the app, but you have to be at least 18 to download it. There’s actually no way for Live.Me to enforce those terms. They’re basically there so Live.Me isn’t held liable in just such a situation.

If you’re a parent of today’s kids whose worlds revolve around their devices, you need to educate yourself on what apps are safe and which ones aren’t. You also need to know how to enable parental controls on your kids’ devices. Here are the instructions for Andorid devices, and here are the instructions for devices using Apple’s iOS. If you’re not technically inclined, it may seem like a daunting task to keep your children safe online, but isn’t it worth it to take the time to learn? Your kids’ safety may just depend on you taking the time.

Basketball Jones solicited 50 girls on Instagram

Basketball Jones solicited 50 girls on Instagram

Jason Schultz

37-year-old Jason Schultz is accused of allegedly posing as a 12-year-old boy on Instagram in order to solicit explicit pictures from underage girls in the Saginaw County area of Michigan. He is said to have solicited at least 50 school age girls using the aliases of Saginawbaseball;trevor, tKnightFreeland:Saginaw Baseball, and 23basketballJones23;Knight. Police say that the matter is still under investigation.

If you have any information regarding this matter of if your child received an Instagram message from the usernames “Saginawbaseball;trevor” “tKnightFreeland:Saginaw Baseball” or “23basketballJones23;Knight,” you are asked to contact Berg at bberg@tittabawassee.org.

According to Instagram’s terms of service, a user is supposed to be at least 13-years-old. If I was still a parent of young children, I would probably not allow my kids top be on Instagram until they were at least 16 and even then I would heavily monitor their usage as predators can use the smallest amount of personal information to find their victims.

Classifieds crime blotter 12/7/2017

Classifieds crime blotter 12/7/2017

Cloned iPhone X costs Chandler couple big:
Arizona. OfferUp. Knock off iPhones being sold online are actually Android phones. You can read more about it here as well.

Police: Teens shot attempting to steal during meetup to buy jewelry:
San Antonio, Texas. OfferUp. They’ll live.

Rural Brandon man arrested for apartment rental scam:
Iowa. 43-year-old Gregory Todd Selken is charged with allegedly renting an apartment he didn’t own on craigslist.

Man accused of sex trafficking girls out of a motel:
21-year-old Elijah Teel of San Antonio allegedly prostituted an underage girl on Backpage.

Man shot during Garfield Heights robbery arranged through OfferUp, police say:
Ohio. OfferUp. Victim shot in the hand.

Newark man falls victim to $3,400 Craigslist scam:
Delaware. Scammers used fake account on app to electronically transfer money to the victim. Probably Venmo if I had to guess.

Craigslist renters rent the same home:
Grand Rapids, Michigan. Michael Alan Hite accused of allegedly renting out a home he didn’t own to several people.

Police: Teens rob man during online marketplace exchange:
Flint, Michigan. Man robbed of Apple Watch during LetGo exchange.

Two teens accused of beating man with crowbar during robbery:
Columbus, Ohio. OfferUp.

Michigan teacher accused of Snapchat sex with student

Michigan teacher accused of Snapchat sex with student

Allyson Brittany Moran

Speak of the devil. 26-year-old Allyson Brittany Moran was a substitute teacher at a high school in Mason, Michigan. She’s accused of having a ‘sexual relationship’ with a male student after sending the student nude pics of herself on Snapchat.

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Conversely to what I asked in my last post, why do these teachers want to be with teenage boys? For the most part, they’re gawky and awkward and they almost always brag to a friend, or the whole school. Not to mention it’s technically a form of rape that could negatively affect these kids mentally and socially for the rest of their lives.

And all the bros who say “I wish I had a teacher like that when I was in school” need to grow the fuck up.

Michigan molester gets custody of 12-year-old victim’s child

Michigan molester gets custody of 12-year-old victim's child

Christopher Mirasolo

Christopher Mirasalo, 27, with the smug mug up there, has recently been awarded parenting time and joint legal custody of the 8-year-old boy born from the 2008 rape of Mirasalo’s victim, who was 12 at the time.

Now before you get all riled and outraged at this turn of events, like I was when all I read was the attention-grabbing headline, let me fill you in on how this happened.

Apparently, the child’s mother, who is now 21, applied for state assistance in Michigan and was receiving food stamps and healthcare for her son. I guess when you’re allowed to quit school at 12 and try to raise a baby, your chances of employment capable of sustaining you and your child are greatly diminished, but I digress, as Trench would say.

All states’ departments of social services attempt to recover assistance funds to single parents by establishing paternity and subsequent child support payments for their children. Once paternity is established, the other parent is routinely awarded parenting time and joint legal custody. According to Mirasalo’s attorney, this is what occurred here and none of this was initiated by him. Keep in mind that joint legal custody does not equal joint residential custody.

I am not AT ALL forgiving this monster for raping and impregnating a 12-year-old when he was 18 himself and way old enough to know better. BUT, I have a lot of questions as to how things got to the point they are at today:

1. Mirasalo kept the 12-year-old and her sister almost hostage-like for 2 days…was a missing child report filed?
2. Who allows a 12-year-old to make the decision to drop out of school and attempt to raise a BABY? Really?
3. What has the child been told about who his father is?
4. Is this turn of events all because the victim applied for state assistance?
5. Does Mirasalo even want contact with the child? He’s been out of prison for similar charges since 2014; chances are if he hasn’t made contact in the past 3+ years, he probably wasn’t going to.
6. Can’t Mirasalo just relinquish his parental rights if he wants to?

There’s always more behind the sensationalist headlines.

Thanks to Mare for the tip.

Ryan Antoine Reynolds charged with MocoSpace rape

Ryan Reynolds (not that one) charged with MocoSpace rape

Ryan Antoine Reynolds

In case you didn’t know, MocoSpace is a dating/chat/games app that is primarily geared toward the Latino and African-American communities. Unfortunately, it’s also one of the seedier social apps out there. That’s not an indictment on race, but an indictment on the app itself. In my opinion, it’s in the same vein as MeetMe, being little more than an online meat market.

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Mocospace, really had its heyday during the MySpace years when it was more of a website than an app, and that’s when our story begins. In 2012, Ryan Antoine Reynolds, of Detroit, Michigan, was arrested for allegedly kidnapping and raping a woman he had met through MocoSpace. Police say Reynolds also robbed the woman and drove off after raping her. Reynolds was also accused of allegedly raping and robbing another woman in 2014 after dragging her off the street into his car.

The charges had been dismissed by prosecutors, but have recently been refiled. Prosecutors have been mysteriously quiet on why the charges have been refiled.

Just out of my own curiosity, I’m going to be keeping a special eye on this case and will post updates as they become available.

Mich. teacher caught asking for nudes on Snapchat

Teacher caught asking for and sending nudes on Snapchat

Christopher Mahla

25-year-old Christopher Mahla was a teacher and girls soccer coach in Roseville, Michigan. He’s since been removed from his position after being arrested for allegedly sending explicit pictures of himself to at least two female students on Snapchat. He is also accused of asking for explicit pictures of the students in return. The two female students police know of are the ones who turned him in.

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While Mahla is getting what he deserves, if the charges are true, he’s being held on $200,000 bond. The last teacher I posted about who sent explicit pictures to students was held on only $20,000 bond. What’s the difference? The previous teacher is female. I realize there are differing laws in different jurisdictions, but there seems to be a large disparity in bond and sentences between male and female offenders. They both appear to be a danger to children, but we largely give female offenders a pass because we somehow think that teenage boys don’t require the same level of protection from female predators. A pervert paradox if you will.

Police believe there may be more victims.

Anyone else who may have been a victim or who knows of one should contact the Roseville Police Detective Bureau at (586) 447-4510.

Accused craigslist child pimp says he’s innocent and misunderstood

Accused craigslist child pimp says he's innocent and misunderstood

Malik McCaster

21-year-old Malik McCaster of Detroit, Michigan, is accused of allegedly forcing a 15-year-old runaway girl into prostitution on craigslist. Reports say he offered the girl a ride, but once she got in the car McCaster is said to have thrown her cell phone out the window and threatened to kill her if she tried to escape. He then took her to a relative’s home where he reportedly raped the girl and recorded himself doing so. McCaster also took explicit pictures of the girl and advertised her as a prostitute on craigslist. He is even said to have held a gun to her head in order to keep her from escaping. While at a motel, the victim was able to call 911 and escape. Police caught McCaster trying to flee the scene.

If all of this wasn’t bad enough, McCaster sent a letter to a judge asking to be released on bond while awaiting trial. In the handwritten letter McCaster claims he’s a good man who has a young daughter and siblings to take care of besides having a job and attending college. The icing on the cake, pun intended, was this…

McCaster will be celebrating his 22nd birthday on Aug. 31. Being released on bond would “be the best birthday a 21-year-old innocent man could ask for,” McCaster wrote.

He also claimed to be a “good man in a misunderstood situation.”

What’s to be misunderstood? The raping part or the forcing the underage girl to be raped by strangers while you collect the money? If you had all these responsibilities, maybe you should have thought of them before holding thid girl captive for days. Also, good men don’t sell children.

This story also shows prostitution and human trafficking are still alive and well on craigslist and will continue as long as craigslist refuses to moderate their site.

Michigan Kik kreeper gave pinky swear to 8-year-old that he wouldn’t share explicit pics

Michigan Kik kreeper gave pinky swear to 8-year-old that he wouldn't share explicit pics

(Story broke 6/7/2017)

I really wish I could find a mugshot of this cretin, but I’m getting ahead of myself.

60-year-old Garret Hawkey of Albion, Michigan, is accused of allegedly soliciting an 8-year-old girl for explicit pictures over the mobile messaging app Kik. Don’t get ahead of me just yet, we’ll get to that, but for now let’s focus on Hawkey. Using the screen name of lonleytrucker69 (always with the 69), Hawkey is said to have asked the girl for nude pictures of herself and he ‘pinky promised’ not to share them. Investigators are said to have found pictures of the girl and other child porn on Hawkey’s phone. It’s also believed he shared pictures of the girl as well.

That’s not even the worst part. Hawkey is said to be only one of a number of men who solicited the girl on Kik for pictures.

As we all know by now, Kik is inundated with sex offenders, pedophiles, and child porn collectors. So why in the blue hell would anyone allow an 8-year-old girl to be on Kik. In the Android Play Store, and I imagine in the Apple Store too, Kik is rated for Teens. Personally, I think it should be rated Mature, but an 8-year-old is not even close to being a teen.

Please research any app you’re letting your child use and then research the ones they want to use before allowing them to be installed on your child’s device. Then when the app is installed check it periodically.

UPDATE 12/7/2017: Hawkey has pleaded guilty to one count of sexual exploitation of children. In the plea deal Hawkey is expected to be sentenced to 20 years.

Wisconsin Kik kreeper accused of abducting Michigan girl

Wisconsin KIk kreeper accused of abducting Michigan girl

James Daniel Werner

(Story broke 4/25/2017)

Hey readers, do you want another story that shows why you should really keep up with your kids’ online activities? Too bad because you’re getting another one because not everyone has learned yet.

43-year-old James Daniel Werner, of Fort Atkinson, Wisconsin, is accused of allegedly abducting a 14-year-old girl from her Saginaw, Michigan home. That’s a 7 hour and 425 mile drive if you don’t take the ferry of Lake Michigan. Werner is said to have met the girl over the mobile messaging app Kik and convinced her to sneak out of her house. He reportedly waited two hours for the girl to come out of her house before physically forcing her into his car.

When they got back to Werner’s home, he claims they only slept together, like actually slept, and he never had any sexual contact with his victim. He claims he only touched her through her clothes and kissed her. Like, that’s not somehow inappropriate to say the least. The victim was able to contact authorities through a tablet Werner had left for her. Werner’s 9-year-old son was said to have also been in the house at the time but didn’t know the girl was there.

So unless you don’t want your child being transported across four state lines into the home of God only knows who, you might want to keep a better eye on your children’s online habits. The best advice I’ve heard, besides checking your kids’ devices regularly is to make sure they have no access to any electronic devices at night.

UPDATE 11/7/2017: In July, Werner pleaded guilty. This past Friday, Werner was sentenced to almost 11 years in federal prison.