Michigan Kik kreeper gave pinky swear to 8-year-old that he wouldn’t share explicit pics

Michigan Kik kreeper gave pinky swear to 8-year-old that he wouldn't share explicit pics

(Story broke 6/7/2017)

I really wish I could find a mugshot of this cretin, but I’m getting ahead of myself.

60-year-old Garret Hawkey of Albion, Michigan, is accused of allegedly soliciting an 8-year-old girl for explicit pictures over the mobile messaging app Kik. Don’t get ahead of me just yet, we’ll get to that, but for now let’s focus on Hawkey. Using the screen name of lonleytrucker69 (always with the 69), Hawkey is said to have asked the girl for nude pictures of herself and he ‘pinky promised’ not to share them. Investigators are said to have found pictures of the girl and other child porn on Hawkey’s phone. It’s also believed he shared pictures of the girl as well.

That’s not even the worst part. Hawkey is said to be only one of a number of men who solicited the girl on Kik for pictures.

As we all know by now, Kik is inundated with sex offenders, pedophiles, and child porn collectors. So why in the blue hell would anyone allow an 8-year-old girl to be on Kik. In the Android Play Store, and I imagine in the Apple Store too, Kik is rated for Teens. Personally, I think it should be rated Mature, but an 8-year-old is not even close to being a teen.

Please research any app you’re letting your child use and then research the ones they want to use before allowing them to be installed on your child’s device. Then when the app is installed check it periodically.

Wisconsin Kik kreeper accused of abducting Michigan girl

Wisconsin KIk kreeper accused of abducting Michigan girl
James Daniel Werner

(Story broke 4/25/2017)

Hey readers, do you want another story that shows why you should really keep up with your kids’ online activities? Too bad because you’re getting another one because not everyone has learned yet.

43-year-old James Daniel Werner, of Fort Atkinson, Wisconsin, is accused of allegedly abducting a 14-year-old girl from her Saginaw, Michigan home. That’s a 7 hour and 425 mile drive if you don’t take the ferry of Lake Michigan. Werner is said to have met the girl over the mobile messaging app Kik and convinced her to sneak out of her house. He reportedly waited two hours for the girl to come out of her house before physically forcing her into his car.

When they got back to Werner’s home, he claims they only slept together, like actually slept, and he never had any sexual contact with his victim. He claims he only touched her through her clothes and kissed her. Like, that’s not somehow inappropriate to say the least. The victim was able to contact authorities through a tablet Werner had left for her. Werner’s 9-year-old son was said to have also been in the house at the time but didn’t know the girl was there.

So unless you don’t want your child being transported across four state lines into the home of God only knows who, you might want to keep a better eye on your children’s online habits. The best advice I’ve heard, besides checking your kids’ devices regularly is to make sure they have no access to any electronic devices at night.

Married couple accused of using Snapchat to lure kids into sex

Married couple accused of using Snapchat to lure kids into sex
Anuj and Leslie Chopra

Anuj and Leslie Chopra, 41 and 42 respectively of Jamestown Township, Michigan, are accused of trying to lure teen friends of their 16-year-old daughter into sex. Mr. Chopra is accused of allegedly offering 16 and 17-year-old boys to perform sex acts for money while Chopra would record the acts. Mrs. Chopra is accused of allegedly sending explicit pictures to the 16-year-old boy through Snapchat in order to get the boy into bed.

According to Wikiepdia, the age of consent in Michigan is 16 unless one is an authority figure, then it’s 18. It could be argued that a friend’s parent is somewhat of an authority figure, however, the point is moot since Mr. Chopra allegedly offered money to the teens. Because of the money the charge becomes human trafficking.

It always amazes me when a romantically involved couple agree on such a horrible idea. I always wonder how that conversation gets started. “Hey honey, you know what would make our marriage even better? If I recorded you getting tag-teamed by two underage boys?” With her replying “I know just the way to do it to, I’ll send porn to one of our daughter’s friends on Snapchat.””BRILLIANT!”

It used to be, back in the day, that parents had each others backs, now you can’t even trust them.

Geriatric Backpage pimp in Cosby sweater accused of keeping girls prisoner

Geriatric Backpage pimp in Cosby sweater accused of keeping girls in cages
Richard Knider Jackson

67-year-old Richard Knider Jackson of Detroit is accused of prostituting women and at least two underage girls on Backpage. Jackson would allegedly get his victims hooked on heroin then turned them out on both the streets and Backpage. Police say that Jackson kept a locked iron gate on the second floor to keep his victims from escaping and others were kept captive in the basement. He also allegedly beat his victims and kept all their money. His victims are said to have included a 31-year-old woman, two 21-year-old women, and two underage girls ages 15 and 16. One of the adult victims was able to allow the two underage victims to escape. The two girls were still missing at the time that this story broke.

The FBI is currently looking for the two juveniles who escaped from the house. Anyone with information about the two juveniles or about Jackson’s sex trafficking operation is asked to call the FBI at 313-965-2323.

With the eventual dismissal of pimping charges against the operators of backpage, this will not only create more monsters like Jackson but it will embolden them as well. Nothing about this story is ‘right’ on any level. Backpage is not making it safer for prostitutes, there is no consenting in this story and some of the victims are not adults. But please keep telling me how a man building a prison in his house for women and girls, beating them regularly and getting them hooked on drugs so they could be raped by strangers is considered free speech.

Michigan man who likes to dress like a baby charged with Tumblr child porn

Michigan man who likes to dress like a baby charged with Tumblr child porn
Richard Russel Farley,

55-year-old Richard Russel Farley, of Traverse City, Michigan, is accused of allegedly being in possession of over 1400 child porn images. Investigators were tipped off to the alleged actions of Farley by microblogging site Tumblr after they had intercepted some of the images and reported it to the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children. Police say that the pictures had GPS information on them which they say led them to Farley.

For some reason, Farley felt the need to tell police that he “likes to dress up in a butterfly patterned ‘onesie’ and wear adult sized diapers.” Try to keep that image out of your head when you go to sleep tonight.

The other disturbing things about this crime are that not only is Tumblr used mostly by underage kids but as the 9 & 10 News article mentions, each time one of these images are viewed or shared it’s like committing another crime against the victims.

I almost forgot to mention that Farley is currently out on bond. Sleep well Michigan.

Central Mich. college student caught in Snapchat exchange with 12-year-old girl

Central Mich. college student caught in Snapchat exchange with 12-year-old girl
Brendan Andrew Baia

Former Central Michigan University Student Brendan Andrew Baia, 19, was recently arrested for allegedly exchanging explicit Snapchats with a 12-year-old girl. Baia has left the school after the criminal charges were levied against him. Even at the young age of 19, Baia seems to hit all the stereotypical online predator tropes.

He is said to have referred to this victim as ‘little girl’ and made the girl address him as ‘daddy’. When confronted by the girl’s mother, he said that he thought the victim was ‘turning 16 soon’. When the girl’s mother accused him of preying on other girls he had quite the unusual response…

“Now I’m petrified to think about the things I thought were pleasurable before and that’s how it should be.”


Lastly, he told police that his explicit exchanges with the girl were “only fantasy”. If he had said they were only going to ‘hang out’ we would have had online predator Bingo.

Even if the victim was about to turn 16, that would mean that not only would she be under the age of consent in Michigan, but the explicit images he received from her would still be child porn.

I have to commend the girl’s mother. After the girl started appearing depressed, she had the presence of mind to check the girl’s phone where she found evidence of the Snapchat exchanges between her daughter and Baia. However, parents need to be reminded that no matter how cute the Snapchat filters are, it’s not really a place for unsupervised children due to the messaging feature and the perceived notion that the messages and pictures disappear.

Michigan craigslist killing leaves father of two dead

Michigan craigslist killing leaves father of two dead

49-year-old Todd Terry, of Farmington Hills, Michigan, was recently shot and killed after responding to a craigslist ad in nearby Inkster. The article and corresponding video doesn’t specify what the ad was for, but since the article makes reference to the fact that Mr. Terry liked to restore bicycles and mopeds It was more than likely for one of those. Tragically there was no moped or bike to be bought as Mr. Terry’s family have indicated that he was killed just for the money he was carrying.

A suspect by the name of Tremayne Alexander has been charged with Mr. Terry’s murder and is allegedly responsible for two other similar crimes in the area.

Todd Terry’s widow is urging others to forgo craigslist…

“They’re creating something that’s not in existence for you to come and bring what? $100? $50? With the plans to kill you. So I tell people to run from it. Don’t even look at it. Don’t even open it up. I wish Craigslist was shut down,” Yvette Terry said.

As I’ve said in the past, due to craigslist’s low threshold of entry, anyone can post an ad saying just about anything they want. This lack of oversight by craigslist has not only led to numerous scams and robberies, but has also led to a multitude of rapes and murders. Craigslist has become nothing but a trap, luring in an overabundance of victims.

Mr. Terry also left behind two sons ages 16 and 13, and the family has set up a GoFundMe account. By all accounts Mr. Terry was a great man. Please donate if you can.

UPDATE 4/1/2017: Alexander was sentenced to 30 to 60 years after pleading guilty to second-degree murder.

(doimakeyou)Randy charged with being a Kik kreeper

(doimakeyou)Randy charged with being a Kik kreeper

24 year-old Randy Montante, of Dearborn, Michigan has been charged with allegedly soliciting and receiving explicit images from a 13-year-old girl over the mobile messaging app Kik. He is also accused of having the girl appear naked over video chat client Skype. Montante was said to have the oh so original Kik username of ‘doimakeyourandy’. The vicitm originally told Montante that she was 18 but then revealed her true age but Montante was said to persist.


The victim lived in New Jersey where the mother discovered the messages between Montante and her daughter and contacted local police. Police took over the girl’s account and again brought up the matter of the girl’s age. Montante was said to reply with the age-old creeper credo…

“A good friend of mine said if you like someone, and it’s real, age doesn’t matter.”

It never does to predators. Neither does the safety, well-being nor the resulting mental damage to their victims.

Michigan MeetMe molester now charged with child porn

Michigan MeetMe molester now charged with child porn
Jared Andrew Fox

Back in February, 24-year-old Jared Andrew Fox was arrested for allegedly raping a 15-year-old girl that he met through social network and dating app MeetMe. As is with a large number of these cases Fox was posing as a 14-year-old boy and reportedly convinced his victim to let him come to her house where he raped her.

Earlier this month he was arrested again but this time on child porn charges

“Fox has been engaged in large scale distribution of child pornography,” Clinton County Prosecuting Attorney Charles Sherman said in the email. “He has been engaged in a minimum of sending or receiving 383 images and videos of children, some under 5 years old being sexually assaulted by adults and/or other children.”

This discovery was sparked by the initial investigation into Fox’s computers, however Fox was out on bond during this time. He’s now being held on $100K bond. Why is it that suspects who have committed actual child rape are treated less dangerously than people who trade child porn. I’m not trying to defend one or the other but it seems to me that a child rapist should be considered more of a danger than a child porn trader. Rape is one of the most violent and violating acts that someone can commit and when it comes to raping a child it’s doubly as abhorrent. At least make the bonds and sentences equal to that of child pornographers.

Mich. swim coach accused of sexually Snapchatting student

Tyler Card
Tyler Card


26-year-old Tyler Card was a swim coach at a high school in Allen Park, Michigan. He’s since been fired after allegedly sending sexual Snapchat messages to a 15-year-old girl who was on his swim team and requesting nude photos from her.

I’m curious to know how he was able to obtain his victim’s Snapchat name. No kid should be giving out their Snapchat accounts to any adult who’s not a family member. Also I have to ask again why is it that Snapchat seems to be so prevalent among teachers/coaches who feel the need to sexually prey on their students? I mean outside of the fact that it attempts to circumvent parental notice.