Breeder takes baby to a hooker bust

Police: Man Brought 18-Month-Old To Pick Up Prostitute:

38-year-old Michael Ratliff of Trenton, Ohio was arrested for soliciting a prostitute in Middletown, Ohio that was actually an undercover cop. However what brings Mr. Ratliff to our lovely neck of the internet woods is that he allegedly brought his 18-month-old daughter with him.

This reminds me of an episode of To Catch A Predator when one of the suspects brought his young child along with him to meet the ‘underage’ girl. Chris Hansen didn’t even mess around. He just told the guy to get out.

What Ratliff allegedly did is almost as disturbing.

Thanks again to CJB for the tip.

Guy beats 8-month-old on Thanksgiving

Man accused of kicking, beating 8-month-old boy:

26-year-old Brandon Holley of Middletown, R.I. was arrested for beating his 8-month-old son. He admitted to police that he stepped on, kicked and punched the baby. Of course the coward did this when the mother was not around. This happened on Thanksgiving morning. When the mother returned they all went to her mother’s for Thanksgiving instead of going to a hospital. When the grandparents saw the child’s injuries then the baby was taken to the hospital.

As usual in abuse cases like this Holley gave ‘conflicting stories’ to police. I think that’s news-speak for ‘he was lying’.

Another case of some abusive monster who thinks he’s smarter than doctors and police combined.