The mom of alleged MySpace kidnapper speaks out

Misael juarez

Misael juarez

Mother of man accused of kidnapping girl he met on MySpace speaks to KSBY News:

I originally posted about Misael Juarez here. He’s the 18-year-old from California who was extradited to Idaho on charges that he kidnapped a 15-year-old girl, had sex with the girl and convinced her to move in with him.

Now Juarez’s mommy is speaking out for him and guess what she’s saying. She’s using the ‘she said she was 18’ defense for her own son.

Juarez’s mother sees things differently. She insists the Boise girl lied about her age, telling them all she was also 18.

“I know that my son did nothing wrong, and I am sad for him,” Isidra Garcia said through tears.

It doesn’t matter if she lied or not. If she’s 15 there’s no two ways around it.

Calif. man accused of kidnapping Boise girl he met over MySpace

Misael juarez

Misael juarez

Central coast man suspected of kidnapping Idaho teen:

18-year-old Misael G. Juarez of Oceano, California is accused of kidnapping a 15-year-old girl from Boise, Idaho that he met over MySpace. He also allegedly convinced the girl to move in with him.

No word on how he transported the girl from Boise to California, He’s been taken back to Idaho and is looking at a max of 25 years.

The girl had been missing since June. I wonder how close he was getting to kicking her out since that’s the way the teenage mind works.