Toddler falls from 2nd story window

Two children removed from Montague home after toddler falls from second-story window:

A pair of children were taken from a Monatgue, California home after a toddler fell from a second story window. Luckily the 3-year-old landed on an awning and this wasn’t even a cartoon. A construction worker rescued the baby who was uninjured.

However when police came to the apartment to investigate they found the usual unkempt home and I’m being polite by saying unkempt.

There was a foul smell coming from the apartment and deputies found trash piled several feet high in the kitchen and rotten food, beer cans and piles of dirty clothes strewn throughout the apartment.

21-year-old Michelle Elizabeth Burnett and an unnamed 17-year-old make were in the apartment. CPS took the 3-year-old and an 18-month-old and placed them in protective custody. The 3-year-old’s 25-year-old father had moved out of the house a month ago.

Thanks to Calvena for the tip.