High school cheerleader prostitutes younger classmate on Backpage

Montia Marie Parker

Hopkins High School Cheerleader Charged with Prostituting Teammate:

This one made the national news not too long ago but still needs to be recounted.

18-year-old Montia Marie Parker was a cheerleader for Hopkins High School in Minnetonka, Minnesota. Earlier this month she was arrested for allegedly prostituting a 16-year-old teammate on Backpage. The victim is said to have developmental cognitive delay. Parker is said to have convinced the girl to prostitute herself for money. The girl made $60 and Parker kept all of the money. Parker went as far to pose as the girl’s mother on the phone to the school so the girl could be excused from classes. Meanwhile Parker drove the girl to Brooklyn Park for another ‘date’. This time the girl refused and Parker dropped her off at school. How sad is this…

The girl’s mother told police that she had noticed changes in her daughter and found out about the unexcused absence from school on March 5. She checked her daughter’s cell phone and found text messages about prostitution between her daughter and Parker. She called police.

This is what it’s come to. Prostitution and sex trafficking have become so commonplace that teens are willing to prostitute other teens just to make a few bucks. Now in all this outrage about what Parker allegedly did I have seen no outrage whatsoever about the website that made money off of the victim’s trauma. Backpage once again escapes any kind of backlash under the guise of what they call free speech. I guess they believe that speech should be free but women and girls shouldn’t be.

UPDATE 8/30/2013: Parker has pleaded guilty and is looking at up to 108 months in prison.